Are you up for an Internet Marketing challenge?

Posted March 15th, 2013 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Uncategorized

Ever notice that people will spend THOUSANDS of dollars to buy an information product, but then don’t even make it through the first module before they are off buying the next ‘greatest’ product?

Why is that?

Answer: we get bored with traditional learning.

But we all like a good old-fashion CHALLENGE every now and again. It’s just the way us humans are programmed.

So in order to get the absolute most out of a course you purchase, it needs to have some element of ‘challenge’ to it.

My friends Justin & Glen have done an excellent job incorporating this concept into their “30-Day Profit Challenge” training promotion they have going on right now.

The core product they are selling is a ‘live’ webinar training, where they walk you through their 30-day action plan that guarantees that anyone can make an extra $1,000 within a month, working only 30 minutes per day.

But what’s really cool, is they have set it up in such a way that allows their customers to earn back their full investment BEFORE they ever even start going through the core training.

Once inside, you are given 11 specific steps to follow each day (takes about 20 minutes or so). If you just DO these 11 (simple) steps each day, then they will actually PAY YOU to go through the 30-Day Challenge webinar.

How many other product creators can say that? You can learn more on this page.

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