The meaning of Discipline

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The simplest way to explain Discipline, is “that which keeps you going, after the motivation to do the action, has disappeared”.

Discipline is what keeps you moving, what keeps you pursuing your dream when all else seems to have failed and no matter how much you try, that ‘spark’ just doesn’t seem to kick.

It’s what keeps you moving forward following your goals and action steps to achieve your end result.

Discipline is probably one of the hardest things to not only establish in a human being, but more importantly to ingrain into the very fiber of their being.

Why you ask? Because discipline is not just a part of one aspect of your life, it is a part of all, from the smallest of tasks and choices, to the largest and greatest.

Do you eat some fruit? Or do you eat some chocolate? Do you call that client? Or do you clean your desk?

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has aspects of what they do that they absolutely hate, and not even hate a little bit, but sometimes hate with a passion, and will put off until the very last minute. Sometimes it’s their tax or book keeping, it might be making sales calls or something as simple as answering emails.

But it is usually these things that are key to keeping your business/success on track, and without them you’ll soon find yourself floundering.

It’s the people that just ‘press on’ and ‘do it anyway’ that move towards what they are wanting to achieve.

Remember though, every choice or action you take, requires some form of discipline, do you take the easy road or the hard road? Do you do that which you want to do, or that which you need to do? Every act of discipline builds upon the next, so whenever you make the right choice, no matter how small, when it comes to making the next right one, it’ll be easier.

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.” – Jim Rohn

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