Creating banners is an art form. Though banner advertising is not dead yet, you need high click-through rates to make them work. That’s where effective marketing designs are crucial.

If you do CPA, you’ll know that getting the attention and converting them through to buyers is make or break for profitability, and if you are running paid traffic and get your ad wrong it will hit your wallet HARD.

The solution is to make sure you buy banners from a designer who understands conversion, but as I understand, it’ll cost you upwards of $50 for just 1 banner.

And don’t even think about outsourcing to Fiverr…you won’t believe the trash you get back.

Banner Crusher, a lightweight powerful banner designing desktop tool (runs on Mac or PC) that creates ads that are highly tuned for “Pattern Interrupts” has just been released.

These are psychological triggers that grab the readers attention online and suck them in where they cannot avoid clicking on your ad, getting you the conversion results that will make you smile.

Banner Crusher has over 70 templates split into 8 different sizes tuned for CTR.

Effective for CPA, affiliate banners on your blog or paid traffic.

But it doesn’t stop there…

What attracts me are 63 pre-made Facebook timeline banner templates proven to crush your CPCs to cents on the dollar. They are included with the Banner Crusher software.

Don’t waste any more time. Grab this while its on its 7 day run…

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