The Wise Old Email Gorilla

Where are you putting your energy when building your online business?

Is it SEO, list building, PPC or is it somewhere else?

Answer honestly.

Where SHOULD you be putting your energy?


You see, there are no prizes for top rankings or having a huge list.

The magic happens when somebody buys something.

If you’re struggling to make sales then you need to check out the 101-page “The Wise Old Email Gorilla” manual.

2 full-time marketers just gave away 6 of their best e-mail marketing campaigns as case studies, and the campaigns aren’t just in the MMO niche. You will see health campaigns, gaming campaigns, forex campaigns and more. Invaluable to anyone wondering how to craft a perfect e-mail offer.

In these case studies, you will learn 10 simple steps that you can take to enjoy great conversions. Everything is revealed. Nothing is held back, and you will get all the juicy details so that:

* You will be squeezing money from your list using outstanding persuasion skills that are only used by gurus.

* You will be able to skyrocket easily your conversions in any niche using proven advanced formulas that the seasoned marketers use.

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