Most of us know at least one wealthy person who is neither education nor smart.

In fact, judging by the number of poor people with PhDs, higher education must actually be a hindrance to financial success.

Truly rich people—not those who do it with loan, leveraging and manipulating other people’s money—simply have different habits.

Describing the principles is beyond the scope of this book but I highly recommend the book, The Richest Man In Babylon. It is a wonderful place to begin.

The habits you need to learn to become a millionaire are no more complex than the rules for playing Monopoly.

Up till now, education about money has been left to the individual.

The only people I see taking the time to educate the public about credits, credit cards and savings are banks and other financial institutions.

But when we look at the track records of these institutions, it becomes quite obvious that these “teachers” have a lot to learn themselves before they start advising other people.

To let bankers educate the masses about credit is a little like having the fox protect the hen house.

Most of us are so enamored of the idea of security that, even when we are unhappy with our jobs, will stay with them, day after day and year.

The truth is, that staying in situations which are unsatisfying only increases our sense of insecurity.

We begin to feel there is no other choice but to sell our souls in the name of security.

Excerpted from Robert Kiyosaki’s book “If You Want To Be Rich & Happy”.

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