Hybrid ConnectUp until now, it used to be really tricky to create a list-building opt-in form that would work for “desktop” users as well as mobile/iPhone/iPad/etc. users.

Basically, opt-in forms tend to be neat and function for either desktop visitors or mobile visitors, but not both.

Well, that’s all just changed thanks to a new WordPress plugin!

This plugin does everything you need to rapidly build a mailing list from your WordPress site. I mean, opt-in boxes, lightbox popups, a genius Facebook connect feature unlike you’ve ever seen…the lot!

But one of my favorite parts is the opt-in box builder. It’s difficult to explain, if you’ve never actually seen it in action. Let me just say that it’s never been so easy to build beautiful, stylish and high-converting opt-in boxes.

And what about making them mobile-ready? Well, that takes all of one click to accomplish!

This is huge, because it means you can get a chunk of traffic, coming from mobile devices, that you might currently be missing out on.

My other favorite thing about this plugin is that it’s all about conversions. The features are cleverly built to get you the highest possible conversion rates and fantastic lead quality, at the same time.

Building a mailing list is possibly the most important thing any online marketer can do and it’s most definitely the highest ROI thing anyone can do.

With this plugin, it’s now easier than ever to turn your WordPress site into a highly effective list-building machine. You can add opt-in boxes like the pros, except with better features and at a fraction of the cost.

Check out the video right here.

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