It’s easy for marketers to say you must do split-testing to gauge results and identify the rooms for improvement.

But testing variations of your own work takes a lot of time to yield a breakthrough.

Do you know you can already test yourself against ready benchmarks?

If you promote/sell anything online or offline, then without a doubt you need this one software on your desktop.

This software does something you probably haven’t heard before: text scoring. Text scoring predicts if the words you wrote would get a better response. This software called AdvantageBot also has a database of 200,000+ ads to search into, so that it can suggest words and sentences that generate the best response, the highest conversions and the fastest route to profits.

You can now get AdvantageBot at 50% discount while it lasts!

If you want more click-throughs on ads/promo materials…
If you want extra sales create headlines & stronger copy…
If you want a great product name or tag line score it first…
If you want to create tweets or social posts that get shared…
If you want higher open rates score e-mail subject lines…

As long as you use text (and the spoken word such as video scripts) to sell, you can use AdvantageBot to predict your way to better sales conversions!

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