Ever Higher Conversion Rates – How To Get There

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A low conversion rate is the end-result of a series of mistakes for most web businesses, There can be any number of issues at play with low conversions. But all is rarely lost, and practically any business can be turned around with the right information and focused action. Given below are 3 powerful tips to help you improve your conversion rates.

We begin with a simple and basic premise that the most effective approach to influence someone is through words. Words are powerful; witness a professionally designed and gorgeous website or blog but containing ill-suited and ineffectual sales copy will still not give a tantalizing impression of your offer, thereby shutting off a potential sale. The quality of sales copy you have and how effective it is plays a major role in how many sales you’re getting and how well you’re converting casual browsers into customers. If you’re not a copywriter but have lots of time on hand, do take the time to learn this important skill. You may want to think about outsourcing to a freelance copywriter if you have the money. Probably 90% of all marketers on the Net fail to test anything, and that is simply a huge mistake. How about realizing a 300 to 500% increase in conversion rates just from changing one or two words in a headline? It happens all the time. Work on your copy as much as you can and do A/B testing or get a fellow friend to proof-read it.

Whenever you’re dealing with copy and sales/marketing material, pay attention to the benefits of what you’re offering. They must be expressed properly to make the reader ‘feel’ for all the great things your product will provide for him/her. Just about everyone who has a little experience with IM has heard about benefit bullet points. The main reason for bullet points is that online readers always skim and scan, so it’s easier to the eye when information is encapsulated in quick, short and “to the point” sentences. You should draft a list of features and benefits and lay them out side-by-side so your prospects know quickly and clearly what’s in it for them.

As mentioned earlier, one of the most important and critical actions you could ever do is test your sales material/copy. Test everything you can: the copy content, graphics locations, actual graphics, price points, site colors, etc. There’s nothing wrong with continual testing, and you’ll find that you can always improve. All the great marketers stress that there is never a good enough reason to stop trying to improve conversion rates. Times keep changing and especially on the Internet, you need to keep your site updated to keep your conversions consistent. The tips that I discussed in this article are only a tip of the iceberg because there are many, many ways you can constantly increase your site’s conversion rate. So there it is, and always remember to keep taking action as much as possible.

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