Your New Internet Marketing Coaching Platform…No Monthly Fees!

Posted August 23rd, 2011 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Uncategorized

I want to share a very unique and inspiring story with you. This might sound like one of those stories that’s totally made up but it’s not. It is actually 100% true!

Omar Martin is an Internet Marketer whom I have known and personally written to for years. He was good at sales but he hated having to take orders from a boss.

One day Omar walked in and told his boss “I quit.”

For 18 months prior, Omar had been building an Internet Marketing business out of a spare bedroom in his house, and he’d finally got it to the point that he replaced the income from his dreaded job.

Cool story right…Well it gets better, and you’ll be shocked at what happens next…


Omar went on to build a small empire online and he’s now doing something super cool to help others that want to break the chains of their JOB like he did.

Omar wants to give you the “Unfair Advantage” that we didn’t have! You see investing time and money in your business is one thing but knowing what to do is something all together different.

You can buy all the tools you want and you can spend hours upon hours in front of your computer…it’s inevitable.

You’ll still hit brick walls, you’ll still have unanswered questions…


What if you had one-on-one help from someone that’s already done it? What if you had access to all the resources you needed to overcome the hurdles without having to buy product after product….

Best of all what if you didn’t have to pay an arm and a leg to get it?

You would definitely have an Unfair Advantage!

This is the coaching platform where you can have all the software and training you need under one roof, PLUS expert 7-figure marketers answer your questions ‘LIVE’ on a weekly basis.

Omar removed “money” from the equation of his life.

He’s been able to retire his wife and they both work from home “if and when they please”.

But we understand what it’s like to have a boss and have to cover the monthly expenses WHILE you’re building your
business…that’s why Omar’s about to show you how to EARN AS YOU LEARN.

And you can do it now with an Unfair Advantage.

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