Everyone who has a good or a service to offer needs a good website to let people know about what they have to offer. One of the best ways to get the word out is through placing ads online. Therefore, every good website needs a good squeeze page.

Building a list through a squeeze page is vital to growing your business. Some call it a landing page. Either way. It’s a landing page because someone “lands there”. It is NOT your website. There are not multiple pages and choices. There is one page and one choice. The visitor can either sign up for your list or leave. They are being “squeezed” into a single decision. Sign up or leave.

So what makes a good squeeze page? Here are some elements you want to be sure to include:

A Strong, Compelling Headline

A good rule of thumb is to stick with the headline (or close to it) that got the visitor to click on the ad that brought them to the squeeze page. It was compelling enough for them to click, so don’t mess with what worked. Remember, you have precious little time to make an impression and make them want to stay and learn more. Make the headline clear and concise. Never go with cutesy, clever and confusing. If the visitor thinks “Huh?”, chances are you’ll lose them.

Benefits to the Visitor

Whether you have a product or a service, make a laundry list of the benefits to the visitor. Don’t list the features and don’t think of the benefits to YOU. Put yourself in the visitor’s shoes and think how their life or business would be better if they used your product or service. Narrow your list down and include each of the benefits as a bullet point in your landing page. Put the most important benefit as the first bullet point and the second most important benefit as the last bullet point. Interestingly, most people will read the first and last bullet points first. If those resonate with them, they will go back and read the rest.

Talk Directly to Your Visitor

Do your proper research and find out the needs of your customer. (Think customer avatar.) This is not about you and your needs. You will completely miss the boat if you think this way. Take yourself out of the equation and write to your visitor as if you know exactly what they need (and you will know, because you’ve done the research), and how their life or business will be better by using the product or service. Don’t talk over their head. Use language that is easy to understand.

No Other Links

Don’t confuse your visitors with any other links or possibilities to go anywhere else. Chances are they won’t come back.

Break up the Text – But Don’t Go Overboard

You don’t want to have a long squeeze page of paragraph after paragraph of text in the same size font. It’s hard on the eyes and it’s boring. The visitor will start skimming and eventually lose interest all together. Break it up with larger text and some bold or colored text. Leave some white space to give the eye a break. Use illustrations, graphics or pictures if at all possible; however, don’t go overboard. Don’t go crazy with wacky color combinations and fonts that are hard on the eyes. Don’t use flash animation that is annoying and takes a long time to load. Be interesting, but use static images and stay relevant.

Compelling Offer

If you are looking to have them sign up for your newsletter or list, have a compelling and relevant offer. A 10-page free report is a great offer…as long as it is of value and relevant to your product or service. You could have a short course or a free coaching session. If you have physical products, you can still give a service instead of a product. Think outside of the box. Don’t do what everyone else does!

Strong Call to Action

While we’re talking lists here…you may have a squeeze page that is all about a sale. One of the most important things you need in a squeeze page is a strong call to action. Whether you want your visitor to sign up for your newsletter/list or purchase your product, make your call to action crystal clear. Have your call to action several times throughout the landing page. It should always be visible “in the fold”. It should be in a call out box that is large, bold and has the price (if there is one) clearly annotated. If there is a form to fill out, make sure it is easy to fill out. Otherwise you will lose your customer.

Follow these simple tips and you will have a strong squeeze page that is worthy of your website and will help you build your list.

Extracted from StomperNet SEO Intelligence Report, August 12, 2011.

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