Essential Tips On E-Mail Subject Lines by Andy Jenkins

Posted April 28th, 2011 by Nelson Tan. Filed under Uncategorized

No matter how valuable an e-mail message is, if the subscriber chooses not to open it, then all the efforts pushed creating it go to waste.

One fundamental fact to remember about e-mail is that their subject lines can determine whether they should be opened or not. This is because it sets the subscriber’s expectation as to what he/she should see upon opening that e-mail.

Here are a few power tips to remember when writing that e-mail subject line:

1) Catch the reader’s attention – Like a newspaper’s headline, try to make your subject line catch as much attention without misleading your subscriber. Making it interesting enough to read entails more than just fancy words, go straight to the point.

2) Identify yourself – Introducing who you are in your subject line is a matter of courtesy. This also makes your email hard to ignore once you’ve built a good reputation toward your subscribers.

3) Make it Worthwhile and Specific – When making a subject line, make sure that it resonates with the subscriber’s interest and at the same time, fits the overall message of your e-mail. Again, never mislead a subscriber by making vague statements. One good example would be to have “useful tips on e-mail marketing” as your subject line, then have the entire message feature your helpful tips on e-mail marketing.

4) Don’t use Spam words – Use spam detector software for this purpose. While it’s true that the word ‘free’ is a powerful word that can trigger spam filters, if open rates are high enough and if you’ve got a good track record with your subscribers, it won’t get filtered. Also, there’s a ton of resources from the Internet that can shed some light on the most common spam words.

Here’s a nice resource on what spammy words and phrases to avoid.

5) Keep Testing – One test result isn’t enough to determine a subject line’s success. Keep testing on other variants of your subject line so you can determine which factors work best for a certain demographic.

6) Avoid SCREAMING TEXT – Using all caps in your subject line is often viewed as a desperate attempt to catch attention. This gives the impression to subscribers that you are screaming at them and it plants the seeds of doubt in a user’s mind about how credible you are. True professionals don’t need to scream; they just deliver calm, powerful messages.

7) Personalize it – If your mailing service has the feature of matching first names with e-mail addresses and incorporating them into subject lines, you’ll have an easier time with personalization. Studies have shown that seeing your name in the subject line makes you look longer at it. This means that you have that instant attention-grabbing edge, increasing the chances of a subscriber opening the e-mail.

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