Several months ago, you were sent an email about the difference between marketing and advertising. Hopefully you took that message to heart. After all, one of the greatest benefits of marketing is the ability to measure your efforts. And for a business owner, this is a valuable ability.

You see, when you measure your marketing efforts and then take the time to make the appropriate changes, you are going to see the results in the increased number of sales.

So how can you measure your marketing efforts? Well, good tracking and measuring is going to take a combination of Internet know-how and automated, marketing systems. But, between the two, you can easily track and measure:

* Lead sources
* Email open rates
* Email opt-in rates
* Email links
* User interactions
* Promotion responses
* And, of course your resulting sales!

When you are able to SEE what is working, your marketing will become more specific, targeted, and successful. Even with a stellar marketing campaign, there is always room for improvement. Measuring your results gives you the chance to keep getting better, and bring in more and more sales.

When uncertainty rules, marketing campaigns are nothing more than a shot in the dark! With the ability to measure, track, and tweak, you can become a marketing powerhouse and start adding more money to your bank account!

Clate Mask is the CEO of Infusionsoft.

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