I have a secret to that I want to share with you.

It’s actually a real secret, not some “everyone knows this” type of secret that you’ve heard of before.

It always turns out that most secrets are common knowledge found easily online, but this is different…WAY different.

You see, the video you are about to watch shows a person who used to be deep in debt, over $75,000 in debt when he first got started online in 1999.

He failed to make a dime for 4 years.

By 2003, he was doing over $10,000 per month, while he was working full time as a youth minister in a church.

In 2005 and 2006 he was doing over $5000 a week, EVERY week!

In his best month, he did over $106,000 all because of this ONE secret he used which hardly anyone is using or doing.

And now he does $80,000 to $110,000 in just one 72-hour time frame over a weekend.

Plus…he has sold over $2.4 million dollars worth of products and services online and he owes it ALL to using this one secret which he has become a master at.

Just know this…these results are not typical, but they are possible…

Look what others have said about this man’s stuff…

“After hearing you speak about outsourcing at the MSC I saw the light and I just hired my first Filipino worker last week. she started working for me on Monday, so I’m pretty excited!” – Alan Peterson

“How are you doing? Hope all is well! You would be very proud of me…lol! I am doing a lot more outsourcing for my business. I have article writers doing great articles for $2.50 each, I have a data entry type person working for $2.22/hour, and am just hiring a link building assistant at $1.67/hour! These rates are nuts and their work is good! I just thought I would let you know that I am doing more of this now!” – Paul Counts

“Outsourcing is a goal I recently set and your information was very helpful. I have a great need for outsourcing as my businesses have become way too much for me to handle well. The future looks great from here. Thank you again.” – David Clingo

“About 18 months ago I ran across a video you had online which led me to your site where I learned about outsourcing online marketing tasks to the gifts and talents of others. In that video you interviewed the Turners who were also trying to do it all.

They got emotional when explaining how your outsourcing secrets gave them their life back to be with their kids. That hit home for me big time!

I felt like a bag was lifted off my head and a monkey off my back. I read and listened to everything you had produced online about outsourcing and took action on it.

I now have 4 people overseas building and promoting mini-sites for me. A blog creator/builder, a content writer/researcher, an SEO/Link Builder, and a video creator.

Together I pay them $700/mo. to do tasks much better than I could ever do and I have my life back.” – Randy VanderVeen

Click this link and watch a free video as he shares his #1 secret for success, which you can view for free right now, and I guess the secret is now out…the Secret is using “Virtual Assistants”!

I don’t want to make this all about money either, as we all know there is more to life than wealth. Things like family, time freedom and just helping people for the right reasons are why you’ll you will thank me after you are done viewing this free video message.

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