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Some folks hate it; some are addicted to it. Some wonder how much sense it makes to even use it. Hopefully, this article can help to put the website in proper perspective for Internet marketers.

For its 140-character limit per post, twittering is also called micro-blogging. Apart from this limit and the inability to add pictures, it is very much an open platform. The challenge is what content to add to create the biggest possible impact within the limits. Since you can’t say everything like in a typical blog post, it doesn’t mean you chop up a blog post into several Twitter entries. That’s…irrelevant.

I think first of all, you got to have a big picture of what insights you want to drive into the minds of your readers or followers. Writing entries like “I just woke up and brush my teeth” or “I’m getting ready my new PDF report by next Friday” doesn’t mean anything until they figure in a larger picture. For this picture to materialize, the twitterer must have 2 consistencies:

1) The frequency of twittering.

2) The focus of the messages.

But let’s start with defining the big picture. If the picture is “The lifestyle of a millionaire Internet marketer”, then the entry “I woke up and brush my teeth at 7.30 am” will be a very intriguing post to start with because everyone else would love to copy what a millionaire would do, right? Your frequent entries will give an overall insight into a general pattern or rhythm of all your actions so people can deduce for themselves what they should do.

Likewise, if you are in the midst of preparing a product launch, twittering is one very effective way to build up anticipation. Your series of entries provides a running commentary for an event and this gets your followers excited on their toes in real time.

Thus, I guess this is what Twitter is all about: to extrapolate and project eventful moments out of what could have been an ordinary life. The act of twittering is also not capable of falsehood because you have to get to the point within 140 characters plus the fact that you’ve to maintain consistencies. When you adopt a strong twittering discipline, you can establish a rock-solid presence that demands the attention of the faithful, and will not fade into the Twitosphere.

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Search around for other Internet marketers’ Twitter pages and see what you can learn from them.

At the end of the day, I still know of at least one brand-name marketer who only posts affiliate links. :) If this is to your liking, I suggest you set up 2 accounts to separate your product recommendations from your real meaty/informative stuff.

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  1. What’s the right frame of mind for twittering?…

    The twitterer must display 2 consistencies in order to cultivate a rabid following to his tweets. Do you know what these 2 consistencies are?…

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