Automated Cash Formula

Here’s what it boils down to: Dave Gale shows you how to begin cashing in other people’s affiliate sales as a JV Broker and it is MUCH easier than it sounds. Dave gives ALL the tools, details and helps that are necessary for anyone to begin making money as a JV Broker. Is it “Instant Riches” with NO work? Absolutely NOT. But, it is an awesome system with a LOT of potential for anyone willing to do just a little work.

Dave’s well-written e-book “Automated Cash Formula” is completely non-technical. Anybody can follow the program he outlines in his 70+ page course. How can you make money without a site or marketing or PPC ads? What you will be doing does involve affiliate marketing, but you’ll be taking advantage of a certain type of affiliate program known as a 2-tier program. A 2-tier program pays the affiliate if he or she promotes a sale. But it also pays the person who got that affiliate to sign up in the first place.

What Dave’s program does is outline how 2-tier affiliate programs work. He’ll tell you how to find them, and how to pick out the ones that are useful from the ones that aren’t. He’s determined that a particular type of pay structure works best with this system, and he’ll show you how to find those specific programs. Then he’ll show you how to enlist a virtual army of people to do the actual promotion for you.  All you do is a bit of Web research, combined with sending out a handful of e-mail messages. Dave has even written the messages for you! He takes you by the hand and walks you through the course, step by step.

In a month or two, you should see regular checks coming in despite the fact that you haven’t done any selling, haven’t had to build a Website and haven’t done any marketing whatsoever.

This program is as described. For once, a new approach to making money online!

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