What is Google up to?

Posted June 14th, 2006 by Nelson Tan. Filed under News

Started by 2 Stanford Ph.D students, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, in the proverbial garage in Silicon Valley, it changed the world withs its search function and out out of business 2 earlier search engines, Alta Vista and Excite.

It gets all its revenue from keyword search advertising.

The biggest player in the global Internet advertising market, it has about US$8 billion in annual sales.

While many of its competitors like Yahoo! and AOL have introduced their e-mail, instant messaging and other similar services earlier, Google has had to play catch-up.

Without doubt it is ambitious. Google is everywhere on the computer desktop to ensure that it will be used by everyone in communications, entertainment and information handling. Hence its product pipeline is continually turning out new services which are better than its competitors, say reports in global newspapers and IT magazines.

USA Today in its online edition last week said, “To its credit, Google is often getting there by coming out with products that are better than those from competitors. Google Maps can just flat-out do more than Yahoo! Maps. GMail trumps Hotmail.”

By extending its real estate space, it is attracting visitors who uses its search service to stay longer within its space rather than simply completing the search and then clicking away. In this manner, it can monetize the eyeballs and hence, increase its advertising dollar.

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