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6 Easy Ways To Get The Most Out Of Internet Marketing Seminars

by Willie Crawford

My online marketing results improved by 2000% when I started attending live seminars. This was because I shared ideas with, and learned from, others in my industry. This was because, we harnessed the tremendous leverage of each others' assets. Prior to that point, I had been off working mostly by myself.

Live seminars and conferences are probably JUST what your struggling online business needs. Here are 6 ways to get the most out of attending Internet Marketing seminars:

1) Find out who's going to be there in advance by asking around. Arrange to get together with specific individuals beforehand, so all the excitement you don't forget to meet specific people. Either have a specific idea in mind you want to discuss with them, or just explore what projects the two of you are working on individually, so that you can see how you might help each other.

2) Bring your digital camera and take lots of pictures. You can later use these pictures on your blogs, on your websites, etc. It always help to have pictures showing who you know or are personal friends with. After the seminar, many of these people really will be your friends. You'll actually be able to pick up the phone and give them a call.

Extra tip: After taking digital photos with them, follow up with a nice greeting card telling them how nice it was to meet them. Include the photo you took WITH them in the card. I do this using this service.

It costs me less than $1.50 each to send the cards above with the photos. To show you how easy and effective this is, I'll even pay for your first two cards ;-)

Just drop me an e-mail with your name and mailing address and I'll set it up for you. Do this BEFORE the seminar so that you can take the photos at the seminar, and by the time they get back home from the seminar, the card is waiting for them.

3) Bring a portable tape recorder, or better yet, a digital recorder that records direct to MP3. Interview a few people while at the seminar...after-hours, on breaks, etc. You've just created a nice audio product that you can use as a very unique bonus.

You could also sell these recordings as a stand-alone product.

Be sure to write out an outline, or pre-coordinate the questions you're going to ask beforehand, to make the recording more professional sounding.

4) Take lots of business cards, and give one to everyone that you meet. More importantly, get a card from EVERYONE that you meet. When you get back home, add them to your contact manager. Then, follow-up with an e-mail, a call, or a nice card. You're not looking for immediate deals here per se. Instead, you're looking at developing long-term business relationships.

5) When chatting with people you meet, there is the tendency to want to tell them all about YOU and your projects. Instead, let them do most of the talking! Listen intently to what they say, and try to think of ways that you can help them. If you see a way that you can help them, make a note, and then DO IT! This sets in motion the Law of Reciprocity.

Later, when they think of you, they will remember that you were a "VERY interesting person". They won't necessarily remember why. The reason will be because you were interested in them.

6) Make a list of things that you are going to do as soon as you get back home. Keep this list fairly short so that it's not overwhelming. Make a second list of things that you will do within the first month or two after getting back home. Things can move from one list to the next as the seminar progresses. The whole key is to have a plan of action and then implement it!

You may want to implement some tips that you pick up while you're still at the seminar. If you want to get a jump on the competition, and implement something before everyone is doing it, go ahead and start working on it in the middle of the your hotel room!

These are just 6 quick tips on how to get the most out of attending any Internet Marketing seminar. If you do these few simple things you'll discover that Internet Marketing seminars are one of the smartest investments you can make in growing your online business, and building solid long-term relationships that pay HUGE dividends.

With more than 15 years of Internet Marketing experience, Willie Crawford now enjoys teaching others through his courses, teleseminars, and 'live' coaching program. You can find more information about his one-on-one coaching in his Diamond Circle Mentoring Program.


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