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Little Known Joint Venture Secrets Revealed!

by John Metcalfe

What makes me mad more than anything is why a lot of the most successful marketers online don't tell you the whole truth of how they get thousands of visitors AND more importantly BUYERS to their sites. I know just how hard it is to get ANY traffic to a website, never mind targeted and ready-to-buy traffic. So you'll be glad to know there's an easier way and today.

I'm going to lift the lid on some of the secret methods and more importantly TOOLS that are used to generate qualified ready to buy traffic to any website.

I'm specifically talking about Joint Venture marketing and how you can use Joint Ventures to build your Internet business. In its simplest terms, Joint Venturing means that 2 different businesses with customers who have the same sort of interests team-up.

One business provides the product for sale, the sales message and the product delivery. The other business provides a recommendation about the other business product and provides the list of prospects to make the product offer to.

This is a lot easier than spending the next 6–12 months figuring out how to get your site listed in the major search engines. You could constantly change your pages to get top rankings at sites like Google or Yahoo *OR* you can go to the search engines and find people who already have top rankings and find a way how you can Joint venture with them for a share of the profits.

If the top listed website doesn't want to team up with you with a JV deal, you simply go to no 2, 3 etc until you find somebody who *IS* willing to do a deal so that you can split the profits. Your goal from any deal is to find a way of splitting the profits 50/50 but if you have to give away 60–70% of the profits it still doesn't matter because you'll be able to sell to these customers again and again with higher backend ticket offers.

Lets talk about some of the tools that you can use to find Joint Venture partners to team up with for a share of the profits.

Joint Venture Tool No 1: Free version of Copernic Agent

This is a great tool for searching out Joint Venture partners. What it does is it goes out and searches multiple search engines using keywords that you might use to find your own or related websites. It then brings up results of related websites you can contact for Joint Venture deals.

You'll be able to then visit these websites and take down vital information that you'll need for contacting them for potential Joint Venture deals. Such as their name, e-mail address, website address, phone number, fax number.

Joint Venture Tool No 2: Alexa

This is a tool that downloads right over the top of your browser and gives you some real vital information, like how much traffic a website is getting. It doesn't specifically say how many visitors it's getting but it tells you what ranking they are compared to other websites.

For instance Yahoo would have a ranking of 1. Consider any website that has a ranking of less than 100,000 to be a good potential Joint Venture partner for you and your business.

Alexa also lets you see specific information about each particular website, like name, e-mail address, address phone and fax number. Also it lets you pull up related websites for you to visit and take down the information needed for contacting these people in the future.

Joint Venture Tool No 3: GroupMail

One of the best ways to reach your potential Joint Venture partners is by e-mail. To be effective at contacting partners and getting your e-mails read, requires you to personalise each individual e-mail with something that's unique to each publisher or website owner. For instance the publishers e-zine, name and website address.

What you do is build a database of potential partners using the tools above and then input the details you have generated into an email program such as groupmail. With groupmail you are able to personalise your mailings with information from your database. So in your database you'll have a list of all the names of people you want to contact and also their ezine name. Wherever you want their name to appear in your email you simply input the (NAME) tag.

Where you want to have their e-zine name appear you input the tag (EZINENAME).

This way instead of having the subject line of your Joint Venture e-mail simply saying:

Subject - Joint Venture Request.

You could have:

Subject - Dear (NAME), Joint Venture Request For Your (EZINENAME)

This gives you a lot better chance of getting your e-mail read as it's personlised with the details that you have collected from your database. Top publishers and website owners get huge amounts of e-mail sent to them, and the one's that they receive which are not personlised with at least their name are simply deleted.

These tools and methods are what the top publishers like Terry Dean and Yanik Silver are using to produce a large amount of their income online.

Don't you think you should be using them as well?

Get started today.


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