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How To Make TrafficSwarm Work For You

by Nelson Tan

TrafficSwarm is a viral method for getting an ever increasing stream of targeted traffic to your website. As long as you are clear and confident of how it works, it will work for you very well.

It's really pretty simple. Once you get your free account, you just enter some basic information about the site(s) that you want to promote—a Category, the URL, a Title, and a Description. This information is used to generate targeted links to your site which are then displayed through the TrafficSwarm network—including the incredibly popular TrafficSwarm "Start Page" system, the TrafficSwarm search engine, etc.

The number of times your links are shown is based on a simple "credit" system—each credit that you earn represents another targeted link to your site.

Listed below are the many ways to earn traffic credits.

1) Set your browsers Start Page to your custom TrafficSwarm URL and you will earn 1 credit each time you open your browser.

2) Click on other users' links on your Start Page and you'll randomly earn between 1 and 1,000 credits for each site you visit.

3) Use the TrafficSwarm Search Engine to find what you're looking for and earn between 1 and 1,000 credits for each site you visit.

4) Earn free "mystery credits" as well as play the TrafficSwarm Lottery and win up to 25,000+ credits per day.

5) Refer other webmasters to TrafficSwarm (this is very easy and is the best way to earn credits). When you refer other users to TrafficSwarm, you'll earn 100 credits for each new activated users you refer and you'll earn 1 credit for each time they open their browser down 5 levels deep! What this means that if you refer Joe to TrafficSwarm, Joe refers Mary, Mary refers Bill, Bill refers Sally, and Sally refers will earn credits on ALL of these people and the people they refer too! This is VERY powerful because it's "viral". Once you refer a few other webmasters to TrafficSwarm (directly or indirectly) YOUR site's traffic will increase exponentially and automatically.

Building A Huge Downline

If you want to build a HUGE downline with TrafficSwarm, just put up some text links or banners on all your web pages and start promoting it to everybody. Anybody that has a website can benefit from TrafficSwarm and everybody that joins will benefit you!

Whenever somebody joins TrafficSwarm, they'll automatically be put into your downline. Before you know it, you'll start to build a nice little downline. You may just get someone new to join you on a daily basis.

What You Can Promote Using TrafficSwarm

You will promote your own website or other sites in which you are an affiliate. For example, you could join our affiliate program and promote these products using your special tracking URL.

Now you can make BIG money using TrafficSwarm each month!

There's now a PRO version of TrafficSwarm, that I think you should consider upgrading to as soon as possible. It costs $30 a month, but it's WELL worth it. Here are the monthly benefits of a PRO account:

1. 1,000 free credits each month!

2. You earn 1 bonus credit each time you click on any of the links on your Start Page or in the search engine results.

3. You'll earn 1 bonus credit each time one of your personally referred downline users clicks on any of the links on their Start Page or in the Search Engine.

4. Your link(s) will be part of the "Featured Sites" rotation with other Pro users, and you will receive an equal share of the "Featured Sites" links displayed on the TrafficSwarm main website.

5. You'll earn recurring monthly commissions each time someone in your downline upgrades to Pro! All commission payments are made daily via PayPal, and you can request a payment any time you are owed at least $20 US. The monthly commissions you'll earn are as follows:

Level 1 – $5, Level 2 – $4, Level 3 – $3, Level 4 – $2, Level 5 – $1.

If you don't upgrade to the PRO version, then you won't make these commission everytime somebody joins under you, so you'll want to upgrade soon.

Here's how to get started:

Just click here and go to the TrafficSwarm home page to join for free. Follow the simple directions and make sure you start promoting TrafficSwarm on your website. Make sure you upgrade to the PRO version soon, so you don't lose any commissions!

Finally, adapt this article for your own advertising to your subscribers and fresh leads.

Nelson Tan is the webmaster behind Internet Mastery Center where you can download $347 worth of FREE Internet Marketing gifts!


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