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Internet Mind Control: 7 Secrets To Psychological Domination On The Internet

by Rick Miller

You are about to learn the secrets of total psychological domination on the Internet...

As you read every word of this report, you will discover the power to motivate, persuade, and influence your web visitors to do your bidding...In fact, what you'll be doing is putting them into a buying trance.

What is Internet Mind Control, and is it moral? It's the science of influencing your web visitors to get your product or service. Like all science, it can be misused.

However, your goal is worthy—it's to persuade the visitor to become your client...Since your product or service is light years beyond your competition's, you would do your client wrong to allow him to buy from anyone else. Only you can best take care of your client.

By the way, if you don't believe your product is the best...why are you selling it?

Here are 7 Internet Mind Control principles that you can use today.

1. Don't scare your visitor by making your website look like an advertisement.

Your website must not look like it's selling something. Remember, you and I are bombarded with thousands of advertising messages everyday with TV, radio, newspapers, Internet, and, of course, telemarketers at dinner time.

The truth is no one wants to be sold. What do you say when the sales person asks "May I help you?" It's a knee-jerk reaction to automatically say "I'm just looking..." even if you really do need help.

It's the same way on the Internet, consumers want to be in control...looking for information on what they're wanting. At some point they decide to buy.

What this means, you must use hidden selling. This is why advertorials work so well-advertisements that seem only to be giving information in an editorial style. The buyer feels in control all the time-he doesn't feel that the product has been crammed down his throat.

2. Focus on the psychology and emotional triggers of your visitor.

It's a fact that we make decisions based on emotion and then afterwards try to justify using logic. That means you have to have to arouse the emotions of your visitors.

To do this you must know everything you can about your visitors. You must know your typical visitor's wants and desires, his fears, his dreams...All emotions involve things that a person moves toward and those the person moves away from.

3. Capture your visitors' contact information.

Most websites make this fatal mistake. Since only a small percentage of visitors will buy on first visit, it is absolutely critical you capture at least their first name and e-mail address. You must do whatever it takes to persuade your visitors to give you permission to contact him again. You will then send them a series of e-mails, personalized with their first name.

This allows you to build a relationship with the visitor, inspiring them to trust you, and eventually buy your product.

4. Use the Elephant Gun Theory—You must stop your visitors in their tracks, stun them into submission and make them listen to you.

Most people are busy and preoccupied with all the things going on in their own lives, not exactly the right frame of mind to buy your product. You have to interrupt their whole mental state.

You need to shock them into being receptive to what you want them to do. If your website doesn't get them into a receptive frame of mind in the first 2 seconds, you have lost your visitor and the sale.

The best way to do this is to come up with a headline that will immediately communicate the key benefits of why they should read the information on the pageusually in a dramatic and emotional way. This is another fatal mistake many websites make...Remember, you must have a headline.

5. Use these 3 rules to become an Instant Marketing Guru.

Every sentence of your web copy should be evaluated with these 3 rules:

Number one: So what?
Number two: Who cares?
Number three: What's in it for me?

Make sure that the first thing your visitor sees on your website answers the question "What's In It For Me?" That's the only thing the visitor cares about.

That means you don't want a big fancy logo crowding what your visitor first sees. Your logo or company name does not answer "What's In It For Me?"

6. Make your website personal.

Visitors want to know the person behind the website. This means the webcopy should be written as if you are talking directly to each visitor individually-one-on-one, toe-to-toe. Corporate talk will only distance the visitor from you.

Telling your personal story will help establish credibility as to why they should trust you. Don't hide behind your website or e-mail. Let the visitor get to know you.

A great example of this is Bill Gateseverybody identifies Bill Gates as being Microsoft, even though there are many other people within the company.

7. Make your product different by using a Unique Selling Proposition.

You have to show your visitor how you are differentwhat make's your product different and better than every other option out there, including doing nothing at all. This shows your visitor why they should do business with you, rather than someone else.

Usually you marry your wife or husband, because you love that person, the things that make them uniquely individual. You don't marry them just because they are male or female. It's the qualities that make them different from everybody else in the world that endears them to you.

Rick Miller is a Certified Master of Web Copywriting and Internet Marketing coach. He has specialized in teaching Internet Marketing rules in simple terms. You can learn more secrets of Internet Mind Control at Scientific Internet Marketing.


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