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Free Traffic In Just 24 Hours

by Glenn Canady

I'm going to share 2 traffic ideas I use to get over 1,000 visitors per day to my sites absolutely free. You can do both of these ideas in about a day so it's well worth it to invest some time in this!

Traffic Idea #1: Begin Your Own Traffic Virus

I've tried many different types of viral traffic systems that were supposed to build traffic exponentially but so far, none of them compare to TrafficSwarm.

I promote all my sites using TrafficSwarm and every day, it sends me over 1,000 unique visitors! Many of these visitors get on my mailing lists and buy my products. Here's basically how it works. TrafficSwarm lets you earn credits which in turn can be used to promote your own website(s). You can earn credits in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways you can earn credits right now. By the way, they are constantly improving the system also, so it will even get better over time.

1) Make TrafficSwarm your home page and you'll earn credits every time you open your browser.
2) Surf other sites on the TrafficSwarm network and you'll earn credits just for visiting their websites!
3) Put some special code on your site to display text links for other sites and you'll earn credits.
4) Refer other people to TrafficSwarm and earn credits PLUS you'll get part of the credits they earn down 5 levels deep!

In my experience, #3 and #4 are the most powerful ways to earn huge traffic and even money with TrafficSwarm. I advertise TrafficSwarm on all my websites and I also put the Text link box on all my high traffic pages. In just a few short months, I was able to grow my downline to over 1,000 people! I'm already #10 on the list of all time TrafficSwarm referrers and I plan on being in the top 5 in a few more months.

TrafficSwarm is really fun because you can watch it grow. Every month, you'll notice that you get a little more traffic from it. It slowly grows, just like a virus until eventually you get so many people in your downline that it begins to EXPLODE! My goal is to have 10,000 people in my downline by 2004! If I do that, I'll probably be getting at least 10,000 visitors per day to my websites and I'll probably be making at least an extra $3,000 in extra income. More about the money in a minute.

TrafficSwarm now has two different versions—the free version and the PRO version. If you can afford $30 per month, then I highly recommend that you upgrade to the Pro version since it has too many benefits to even list here. A big reason is that if you're a PRO user, you'll earn $5 per month for every Pro version you refer and you'll earn money on all your downline's referrals too! The PRO version more than paid for itself the first month that I upgraded!

Joining TrafficSwarm is easy. Just click here to visit the site and sign up right away.

Traffic Idea #2: Use Webrings to Bring in Qualified Leads

Most of you have probably heard of web rings before and decided not to do them because of the cheesy navigation bars you have to put on your web pages. Let's face it, having lots of web ring navigation bars on your site looks pretty bad. But what if you didn't have to put them on your site at all, but you could get TONS of traffic from these web rings? Let me explain what I mean.

First, a brief explanation of web rings in case you don't know what they are. A web ring is basically a collection of similarly themed sites that have banded together to form something called a "web ring". Each site in the ring puts a piece of code on their web page that allows people to instantly travel to the other member's sites just by pushing some buttons. It's sort of like the Fast Forward and Reverse button on your VCR. Web rings allow everybody on the ring to share traffic and the cool thing is that this traffic is highly targeted. If someone is interested in one website on the ring then they will probably be interested in many others sites on the ring as well. Okay, it sounds good in theory, but the reason I never joined them in the past is that I didn't want the stupid Web Ring navigation bars all over my site. You see, some Web Rings might only give you 2 or 3 users a day while others might give you a good bit more. You don't want to ugly up your website for just a little bit of traffic. Usually each web ring doesn't product a large amount of traffic, but if you join LOT of them you'll get a substantial amount of targeted traffic each day. Here's the trick.

Web rings can be found all over the place, but one of the main sites that lists them is WebRing.

This site has a cool little directory that breaks the Web Rings down by categories or you can do a search for web rings by keywords. My site, 5 Star Shine, deals with cars, so I did some research and found there were well over 100 web rings listed that dealt with cars! What I did next was to create a slightly customized home page that would appeal to whatever web ring I was going to target. For example, there are quite a few Muscle Car web rings out there so I just tweaked a copy of my home page a little so that it now targeted muscle cars.

By the way, make sure that you don't link to these custom home pages from anywhere on your site because you don't want the search engines finding them. All you want is people from the web rings finding them. Of course once they are on these pages they can get to all the other pages on your site.

These custom home pages can be very similar to your home page or they could even be the exact same as your home page. The reason I decided to customize mine was so that more web ring administrators would approve me to be in their ring. That's the name of the game here. You'll need a few custom copies of your home page so that you don't put too many Web Ring navigation bars on one page. Try to limit it to no more than about 20 Web Rings on any one web page. If you go more than 20, the load time gets longer and people might just leave your site. I always give the copies of my home page a name that fits in with the web ring that I'm going after. Web rings will usually approve your site in 24 hours or less so you should start seeing some traffic almost immediately. The more web rings you join, the more traffic you'll get so join as many as you can! Since your pages all have different names, you'll be able to look at your website statistics and tell which web rings are giving you the most traffic.

Don't waste your time trying to join web rings that have nothing to do with your site because they won't approve you. There are so many Web Rings out there that you'll find plenty that relate to your business in some way.

Once you've picked out all the web rings you wanted to join and created all the copies of your home page, you can start joining web rings. You'll need to place the first Web Ring's navigator bar on your new version of your home page. Always make sure to list your custom home page on the signup screen of the web ring so that the web ring traffic will go there. Joining Web Rings is really easy—you just fill out 4 or 5 blanks on a web page and you're done! You only need to put the Navigation Code for the first web ring on your web page. After that, each Web Ring you join and point to this page will automatically show up below the first one. This is pretty nice.

Anyway, it took me a full day of work to find and join all the automotive web rings at WebRing but it was well worth the effort. I now get an average of 100 unique visitors per day from these web rings and TONS of sales. That comes to over 36,500 unique visitors coming to my site per year and my net cost is ZERO! You could get a lot more than 100 visitors a day if you join lots of other web rings.

Remember, not all web rings will approve you. Some are totally non commercial or have some special rules, but the vast majority approved me. Now go out there and have make web rings work for you!


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