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How To Keep Your Social Data Safe

by Amanda Walters

Shared data about a company must never be accessed by a third party. The WikiLeaks scandal has led to many companies asking how safe their data is. Information such as corporate accounts could be used against a company. It also means that competitors will know vital information—this can affect a company's positioning on a global scale. By keeping information safe, it becomes impossible for this and other data to be shared. Here are a couple of ideas, which we reckon can help companies to protect their data:

1. Back up data with a portable hard drive

When information is stored on a desktop computer, it can be lost if it isn't saved on a regular basis. Although every Word and PDF document can be saved onto a computer, many problems can happen. If a computer crashes and cannot be turned on again, the data which is stored on it is lost forever. A portable hard drive connects to a USB port and it doesn't take long to save documents. By copying the documents that are on a desktop computer, connecting a portable hard drive and then pasting them, hundreds of documents can be backed up in minutes.

2. Install an anti-virus programme

A vital part of any workforce management solution, every computer should have an anti-virus programme and those, which are used by companies are no different. There are many anti-virus programmes such as Kaspersky, Norton and McAfee. When a virus tries to attack a computer, it will be prevented from doing so. Viruses can cause considerable damage to computers of any age. By running regular checks, an anti-virus programme can stop Trojan horses or worms from accessing corporate information.

3. Limit what can be saved on personal computers

When employees have a laptop or an iPad that is used when working from home, they could lose it. The information, which is on these devices could be very sensitive. Public service workers and MPs have lost laptops and the information on them was top secret. Although a company doesn't have to stop employees from taking laptops and iPads home to complete their work, there can be limits to the data which is saved onto them. Instead of it having company accounts, staff can only be permitted to save information about their work.

4. Educate staff

There are many e-mail scams, which aim to access private information about companies. Many homeowners have fallen foul of scams such as these and a company must also be aware of them. If an e-mail scam is found or has affected many other organisations, staff should be instructed not to open them and must be deleted. Staff can also be trained in how to identify e-mail scams. If they know what to look out for, staff can bring an e-mail scam to the attention of their employer and any damage is prevented from happening. Sensitive corporate information won't be shared with a third party either.


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