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The Quick And Easy Web Design Formula

by Terry Dean

1. You can use just about any program out now to design your website.

Don't get too caught in this software or that software. There are many different programs out there such as Microsoft Frontpage, Macromedia Dreamweaver, Adobe GoLive, Netscape Composer, and so many others. Guess what? I have tried most of them and don't see a real big difference between them.

If you already own one of them, use that one. Don't worry just because someone else is using a different software program. You can design a really nice website using any of them.

Now, anyone can design a web page using the editors that are available today. You don't have to learn HTML and you don't have to be a web design expert to start making money online.

Using the "What You See Is What You Get" editors, anyone can be a website designer.

The easiest program I have used for designing sites was a program call Web Studio 2.0 which was simply point-and-click web design. The biggest problem with this program was that it made it so easy to design your site that you have to hold yourself back a little so that you don't use too many graphics and slow the site down.

You can also download demo copies of the most popular software design programs by going to and choosing the development tools section.

2. Decide on a simple format for your page.

You could have a one-page site which would consist of a sales letter only. In my tests, this format sells better than anything else for items priced under $50. You just need to make sure the sales letter can sell. Refer back to the second section of this manual for sales letter writing tips.

You could have an index page, a sales letter page, a contact page, and a free report page. These type of 4-page system works very well in tests I have done. The single sales letter page does better if you have a low priced product (under $50) while this little larger page with a tiny bit more info works better for a little higher ticket items. For real high ticket items ($200 or more), you might want to include a few more free report pages as well for higher credibility.

Every page you create should have a link to a secure order form. Basically this is a form which you create in your software, and then you use the code supplied to you by your web host to make the page secure. You will take your credit card orders here. An important principle in direct marketing is to always make it as easy as possible for your customers to order...a secure order page does this.

Don't worry about creating some huge content site. I have done this and although I did receive a little traffic from it, it made it much more difficult to make sales from the same site. To make sales, I would have to refer them to another site with the above formats where they wouldn't get confused.

Huge sites with hundreds of pages cause confusion in most prospects. They don't work for selling with the majority of products. So don't let yourself be deceived and think you need all of this to have a successful website.

There is one and only one exception to this rule. In some cases you will want to create a content page which links into your main page. This page serves 2 primary purposes. Number one, it can be used as a search engine 'doorway' and use many of the keywords you need to get top rankings. Secondly, it can be used as a doorway from other sites who want to link to your content.

Neither one of these purposes give you any reason to link to your doorway page at all. They are for outside users to link to you.

3. Use a template site that is in your web design software.

You want your pages to look nice, clean, and easy to use, but they don't have to be stunning and spectacular unless the product you are selling happens to be website design (then many of the rules we have here don't apply since people like the flashy sites when they are having one designed).

You will want each of your pages to link back to the others. For example: if you have an index, a free report, a contact page, a sales letter, and an order form, you will want all 5 to have links to the other 4 on the pages somewhere. Plus, they also need to be using the same theme and layout style.

I am not going to get too much into specifically how each page should look, since that isn't the important aspect of your site.

The most important aspect is to choose the product, niche market, and design a killer sales letter.

The Easy Design Formula I gave you above will save you days and weeks of your time getting your site up. It has taken me years of testing to prove that it is the most effective sales tool, not the site design that most online marketers talk about.

I compared many different designs until I came down to those 2 setups as the most effective for selling.

Use a one-page website if you have a product under $50. Then use a 3–5 page website for products between $50 and $200. Then, go for the gusto and give quite a bit more information on higher ticket items (maybe 10 pages or so). My tests weren't with the items above to $200, so I can't relate in detail on those.

How To Write Your Web Page Sales Letter

Most website advertising you see today is written extremely poor. It confuses the prospect, doesn't paint a desired picture in their mind, doesn't give a reason to order now, and focuses on features, not the benefits. Most failed businesses can be tracked back to poor advertising, although there are many other reasons for failure.

If you want to stay in business, you must learn how to advertise effectively and how to produce orders NOW! This is what we will be working on in this manual, so be prepared to change your advertising and to fill your mailbox with orders!

There is a creative money making genius on the inside of you. You just need to learn how to let it out. What we will cover in this short report is the purpose of advertising and the 12 Advertising Secrets you will need to know to become an effective advertiser. No matter what business you do whether it be a small retail store, a consulting service, a house cleaning service, or a mail order business, you must learn to create advertising that gets results. If you don't, your business will be painful and short-lived.

First of all, let us look at the 2 major (and different) reasons for advertising. Number one is for exposure. Most television commercials and many newspaper ads and magazine ads are made for this purpose. Advertisers wants their name exposed to the public and for the viewer to think of them next time they are ready to make a purchase. Major corporations are the ones who will do this kind of advertising.

They have the budget to constantly expose their name to the public and wait for their orders to come as people become more used to them and their advertising.

The type of advertising you and I are interested in is completely different. It is called direct response advertising. In other words, we are advertising and are motivating our readers to order now, to call our 800 number and order, mail us a coupon and order, or fax in an order. We advertise a product and service and seek for people to make purchases now. As a small or home business, a quick way to go bankrupt is to place full page ads without asking for an order NOW! You must cause the person to order today if you want to stay in business in any type of display advertising or direct mail.

Classifieds are of a little different nature, but they work on the same premise. You don't ask for a sale right from the classified (which would be a large mistake because there just isn't enough room in a classified to make sales). Even asking for one dollar in a classified ad reduces your response greatly. You will have them call your 800 number voicemail or your fax-on-demand in which they will receive an offer and a chance to order NOW! In all advertising, you must ask for the order NOW or get out of business!

Many people have contacted me and said, "I know that I have a wonderful product, but I just can't figure out why I am not getting any orders." You may be the same boat. Let me tell you a simple truth, It does not matter how awesome your product line is if your advertising doesn't cause people to see themselves using it and how it will benefit them. Your advertising, not your product in many cases, will determine the success or failure of your business. Yes, your product needs to be awesome (or you will experience a large number of refund requests and a short-lived business), but your advertising will make or break your business.

Before we spend too much time detailing why you should create awesome ads, let us just simplify the whole deal. You want your business to make money? Then, write money-grabbing ads!

Now, let us reveal 12 of the major advertising secrets you will need to know and begin using in every ad you create:

1) Testing, Testing, Testing.

In all advertising and mail order, the biggest key of long-term success is Testing everything. Test your ads. Test your sale letters. Test you products. Test the publications. Test everything. You will never be done. Learn to key all of your order forms and phone numbers to make sure you know which ad and publication is doing what. Don't ever leave anything to chance. Test everything. Great Advertisers and Mail Order Millionaires are people who have tested everything and have found what works. Your testing period will NEVER end!


The number two key to success is your headlines. You must understand that the wording of your headline is more than 70% of the effectiveness of your advertising. That means it is a BIG DEAL what your headline says. A note that needs to be added. In mail order, it has been our experience that negative headlines often outpull positive headlines. For example, one of the most popular and effective headlines in network marketing has been "Dead Downlines Don't Lie!"

Negative headlines force your prospect to identify with them saying, "That sounds like me." The main purpose of the headline is to GRAB their attention, so your headline must be attention grabbing and prospect focused. What are their needs?

What are their desires? What are their fears? Pay attention. The upcoming secrets must be used when writing your headline also, not just your body. HEADLINES WILL MAKE OR BREAK YOUR ADVERTISING CAREER!

3) Short Words, Short Sentences, Short Paragraphs.

Forget what your grammar teacher taught you in high school. When writing ads, you must make your ads simple: Simple to Understand & Simple to Order. Keep the level of writing 8th grade or lower. Use short words, short sentences, and short paragraphs. I know your literature teacher told you to not write paragraphs with only 2 sentences in them, but how much money did he/she ever make in advertising?

The moment you confuse your prospect, their attention and the sale disappears!

4) Be Specific, Not General.

Be specific in all of your advertising. Don't say "Fill Your Mailbox with Cash." Say "Receive Up to $355 a day in your Mailbox Daily." Don't say "Secrets to Making Money." Say "63-Year-Old Man Tells You His Dirty Secrets to Making $578 a day!"

Being specific makes your advertising more believable. Being general makes your prospects say, "He is just making this up." Being specific makes them say, "He must have counted it. I want to make that much."

Don't say "Fill your Downline with Distributors." Say "Add Up to 15 New Distributors a month to your downline." You get the idea now, don't you. Don't ignore the fact that being specific will beat being general everytime. Go over your advertising copy and edit it to become specific.

5) Use Your Background & Be Unique, Not A Me-Too Ad.

So many ads out there today are for just me-too products and me-too advertising. When I say "Me-Too Advertising", I mean that these ads or products have been so overused that they just don't pull anymore. People are tired of them. For example, people are tired of hearing how much more your network marketing company pays than the one on the other page. They are tired of hearing about how your products are the best in the industry. They have heard that story before.

You need to become Unique in your approach. Are you elderly? Are you young? Are you deaf? Are you bald? Did you flunk out of school? Do you only have an 8th grade education? Put something of yourself into the ad. A bald man could write an ad saying, "57-Year-Old Bald Man Grows Dollar Bills Faster than Men Half His Age Grow Hair!" Be unique. Find something about yourself that is unique and put it into your advertising. Let people know who you are, then they will begin to trust you, and trust spells orders.

6) Use Pronouns (I, You, He, She).

Again, we are going to make the literature teachers angry at us, by using 'I', 'You', 'He' and 'She' throughout your advertising copy will produce more cash orders.

People will begin to identify with you. They will begin to say, "Yes, I can do that." They will be drawn into the picture you are painting of them enjoying or succeeding with your product or service. Creating a picture of them and their needs being met by your company spells creating an order.

7) Focus on Benefits, Not Features.

This is a lesson mail order & direct mail professionals have been trying to get over to us for years. You must focus on the benefits of your product, not its features. Although it may sound like these two things are one in the same, they most definitely are not. Which way you lead your presentation will make a big difference between the success and failure of your advertising campaign. Your product's features are things such as pay plan, product ingredients, what it is made of, etc.

Benefits are what your product will do for them. Features are product-centered. Benefits are prospect centered. Benefits are things such as "How much will your prospect make? How much weight can they lose? How much hair will they grow?" You have to make your advertising copy prospect centered instead of product centered.

8) Use Lots of Adjectives & Adverbs.

You will notice in mail order, there is not the "information-packed manual". There is a "huge 62-page information-packed manual with step-by-step instructions."

When writing your ads, take your descriptions to the limit. Then, you can cut it down some as you go over it. Describe the product. Paint a picture in your prospect's mind of them using your products or services. If you are selling Home Business information, paint a picture of the prospect succeeding in business, making money daily, having more free time, etc.

As a general rule, people do not buy because of logic. Too much failed advertising is logic-oriented. Too many people say, "It is only logical for them to buy my product." If that is your idea, it won't sell. People buy because of emotion. Create practical logical products. Then, write advertising that uses emotion to make sales. Paint the picture of your prospect both with and without your product. Make them need your product. Make your product have an emotional appeal to them. Then, you will make sales!

9) Testimonials

Testimonials are a powerful selling tool and should be used at every opportunity. Include testimonials in all of your ads if possible. Many great selling ads are made up of 1/3 to 1/2 testimonials of the company's products or services. Getting testimonials is easier than many of us think also. Make up a testimonial form (with signature required) and hand it out to all of your clients. Let them know you care what they think about your products and services. Make it easy for your clients to give you testimonials. Then, use them in all of your advertising if possible.

10) Free Bonuses For a Limited Time

Something Free is always a drawing factor in advertising. 'Free' is probably the most powerful advertising word in existence. Anything that you sell that has a price of more than $20 should always have Free Bonuses attached, and most products under $20 should have Free Bonuses also if possible. Then, You should always make your "Free Bonuses for a Limited Time Only" to bring in orders Now. This has the effect of 'Sale' on a prospect's mind and moves them to order now. All advertising must be geared for the prospect to Order Now! And Free Bonuses don't have to cost you very much either. Include something that you can reproduce cheaply, but has a high value to your prospects.

11) Strong Guarantee

The best way to gain trust in your prospect's mind is for you is to include a solid guarantee on your products. The postal service requires a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products sold by mail order unless your guarantee is mentioned. You should always include this guarantee if not more. "30-Day No-Questions-Asked Money-Back Guarantee! I refuse to Let Anyone Be Unhappy With Our Product!" Add guarantees to everything that you sell. This is a strong motivator to people and can overcome most fears and objections they have in their minds toward ordering from you.

12) Easy To Order

Make it easy for people to order from you. This almost goes without saying, but there are a lot of ads out there which have broken this rule. Tell people clearly how to order. For example, "Pick Up Your telephone and Call 1-800-000-0000 Now And Have your Credit Card Ready!" Or "Fill Out this Order Form and Make Your checks payable to Business Systems 2000 and then fax your order to 1-000-000-0000 or mail them to Business Systems 2000, Box 128, Richmond, IN 47375!" Make it clear to your customers what you want them to do to order now.

Another thing that should be mentioned is that you will increase your orders 50%–100% just by accepting credit cards. They produce more trust and more orders for any small or home business. Order a copy of our "How to Increase Business By At Least 50% Just By Accepting Credit Cards" for information about merchant accounts and how 99% of home businesses (even brand new startups) are able to obtain a merchant account for a very low cost.

Basics Of Advertising

Those are the 12 basics of advertising. Remember them. Go over them. Use them. It will make a difference in your business. Remember this report as your 12-Step Program to Advertising Success:


Create your advertising materials and then go over them again and again to refine them, but always remember they are NEVER finished. Testing is the name of the game in advertising and the winner in the end will always be the one who has tested their advertising the most.

Terry Dean, a 7-year veteran of Internet Marketing, will take you by the hand and show you exact results of all the Internet Marketing techniques he tests and uses every single month!


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