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How To Create The "Name Squeeze" Popup

by Nelson Tan

Much has been said about the "Name Squeeze" technique for increasing both the number of opt-ins and sales. To recap, the "Name Squeeze" sequence is described as follows:

1) Visitors arrive at an opt-in page.
2) After they fill in their names and e-mail addresses, they are sent to a sales page. The transition happens within the same window.
3) If they choose to close the opt-in page, a popup-on-exit shows the sales page.

It need not always be the case of "opt-in page first, sales page second". In any case, you decide the content of the first and second pages, but the sequence remains.

The fundamental principle of the "Name Squeeze" is to provide a second option whenever visitors mean to say "No" by doing certain actions on the first page, like closing the window...just to hold on to their attention for a few more seconds before they leave your shop forever.

When they say "Yes", like giving you their names and e-mail addresses or click on the 'order' button, you don't want a popup to appear and distract them, or even worse annoy them in a way that loses you the sale. In fact in many cases, as you have now "closed the sale", there may be little reason for the popup to, well, pop up. The disadvantages of using a popup at this particular marketing juncture certainly outweigh the usual advantages.

Let's look at the normal exit popup code you may be using. This code should be installed between the head tags of your HTML document.

* Popup code generated by PopUpMaster Pro from
function popup(filename){, "","height=300,width=300,top=0,left=0,location=no,menubar=no,
// end -->

Note that the line starting '' to the semi-colon ';' should be one continuous line with no carriage return - it is shown here on two lines for display purposes only.

Also add the following code to your body tag:


Your body tag may therefore look like the following:

<body bgcolor="white" onUnload="popup('popup.html')">

Now comes the clever part where we add a few new lines of code to prevent a new window from appearing on exit if certain circumstances exist, for example if the user clicks a "Buy Now!" button or similar.

The main body of the popup-on-exit JavaScript code is modified as below. The changes are marked by comments in the code.

* Popup code generated by PopUpMaster Pro from
var exit = true; //### Set an exit variable to true ###
function popup(filename){
if(exit){ //### Test the value of 'exit' before displaying the popup ###, "","height=300,width=300,top=0,left=0,location=no,menubar=no,
} //### Close the test of the 'exit' variable
// end -->

As you can see by this code, we have set a variable to true, and then test that this variable is still true before the new window is displayed. If the variable is not true, the popup will simply not appear.

To enable this, we need to then add code to all the links and buttons, where if the user clicks them we do *not* want the popup to appear (the links that call for a "Yes" action). Other links and buttons we just leave well alone.

This is the code we need:


This sets the value of the exit variable to false, so that when the test on the variable runs, it will fail and the new window will not appear.

We add this code to the relevant tags for buttons and links as follows. Here's an example for a standard link:

<a href="purchase.html" onclick="exit=false;">Buy now!</a>

If you want to add the code to a button rather than a link, here's an example of how you should install the code:

<input type="button" value="Buy now!" onclick="exit=false;">

That's all there is to it. As always, make sure you test your web page before you upload it to your website to make sure it works to your satisfaction.

Nelson Tan is the webmaster behind Internet Mastery Center where you can download $347 worth of FREE Internet Marketing gifts!


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