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3 Common Mistakes Of Forum Postings

by Michael Rasmussen

You're going to learn 3 common mistakes that people make when they first start posting on discussion forums. You'll learn what they are, and how to avoid them so you won't look like an amateur.

Over the past few years, I've seen people make all kinds of mistakes on the discussion forums. These are the three mistakes that I keep seeing people make week after week, though. Let's dive right in, and learn about...


I have to admit, if you're sitting at home, and working on improving your PPC ads, it's tempting to seek out a little drama here and there, and the forums are a great source of it.

People get into flame wars all the time on forums, and it's so tempting to jump in and offer your 2 cents. Even if it's just for fun, you should be careful no to get mixed up in these dramas, because then you'll quickly get a reputation as someone who "slings poo-poo" in the forums.

Have you ever seen someone at a party or in a bar that talks WAY louder than everyone else, and usually whatever they're saying has no value? Nobody really wants to get close to that person, because they know that sooner or later...that person will gossip about them too.

Flame wars are lot like that. If you end up irritating someone in a flame war, they will become motivated to attack you and your business. Trust me, don't do it. It makes you look like a rank amateur, and it takes time away from activities that will make you money.


I have to admit, this one is a huge pet peeve of mine. If I go out of my way to ask a question on a forum, I usually set the forum up to e-mail me if there are any new replies.

Nothing irritates me more than taking the time to check out my discussion thread, only to see someone write, "Yeah, I was wondering the same thing too," or "Yeah, I think so too."

This also makes the moderators mad, because if it's a moderated discussion forum, they have to take the time to actually read and approve the "me too" post. Often times, they will delete your post, just because you created extra work for don't do it.

If you want to chime in, then make sure you add some unique value to the discussion thread by offering your experience, comments, or even a story that relates to what's being discussed.

Speaking of pissing the moderators off, let's jump into...


Seriously, please don't do this. I know that it's frustrating to get your post deleted after you spent time and effort making it, but trust me...the moderators almost always have a reason.

If you really feel like the moderators made a mistake, then try sending them a private message, and ask them how you can improve your post so that it meets their guidelines.


To someone who's been posting on forums for a long time, these 3 tips will seem like common knowledge, and yet I still see people making them all the time.

You'll go a long way toward making a good impression, and making a lot more money on your favorite discussion forums if you follow these tips and guidelines.

Well that's it. I hope you enjoyed these tips, and I hope you'll use them.

Many people call him "The Wizard" only because he has more than 50 websites that run profitably and automatically! Michael Rasmussen is also the author of Minisite Profits Exposed.


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