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How To Build AdSense Revenue Sites

by Stuart Reid

Advertising has long functioned as an extra revenue source for marketers and webmasters. Originally it was just text ads or banners. Some sites forged close ties with their clients and included them as sponsors, complete with pre-pages and elaborate flash animations.

Now marketers are taking the idea to the extreme and building sites that exist just to display AdSense ads!

The technique involves building sites that target a certain niche, and that contain hundreds or thousands of web pages each focused on a single keyword.

These pages all contain relevant content, so the search engine is happy. These pages are rarely designed to look attractive—at least to a human. Their sole purpose is to simply attract a click to the ads.

These sites are quite easy to build.

First, find your niche.

Then find as many keywords and key phrases as possible for this niche. You need to drill down from the 'broad' searches to deep searches.

Example: You want to build a site around the "fishing" niche. The main keyword for the site is "fishing", obviously, so you'd use a tool such as the Google AdWord Keyword Tool to find deeper keywords. By drilling down we find "tampa bay fishing", "canada fishing lodge", "bass fishing tip" etc. These are the phrases you'd build pages around.

These deeper search terms only get a couple of hundred to a thousand searches per month. The technique is similar to the way marketers used to save money when bidding on ads in Overture or AdWords. They'd never pay for such a broad term as fishing; they would bid on the more specific terms.

After finding your keywords you can integrate content from other sites, most commonly articles or RSS/Blog feeds, to fill the page with the ads on top. A feed has the added bonus of providing constantly changing content.

These pages will be highly focused on individual phrases and won't attract much traffic. But because there are so many of them a site with, say, 1000 pages could attract tens of thousands of hits a month. And 10, 20 or even 50 sites would attract a LOT of traffic.

And since each and every page is displaying relevant ads even a 1% click-through rate could result in thousands of clicks per month. The most common ad source for these sites is Google AdSense.

As an estimate, we'll assume a 1% click-through. If the site has 500 pages and it attracts 1000 hits a day, it would get 100 clicks a day. That is 3,000 a month. Google is very secretive about its payouts but as an example let's call that $300 per month.

Now imagine having 10 of these sites. That's $3000 a month! Or 100...That's $30,000!

And this is exactly what people are doing. The figures will vary wildly, but the system remains the same. Is it difficult to consistently add content to so many sites you set up in so short a time? To a degree, the answer is 'no'.

There are already software out there that are programmed to captures articles and RSS feeds for publishing on your sites, like Article Site Builder. It's only those "doorway page" generators that seem to step on Google's toes (and your sites will get banned as a result). Admit it, it was alleged Google News capture news from stalwart institutions like New York Times for its own news portal. Bah!

Second, if you get your act together, setting up one site after another will be an easy, routine affair because the process becomes repetitive.

AdSense-focused sites are still a risk by themselves but if you slip under the radar you can feed yourself profitably for years. Careful use of templates and articles/feeds will make a site useful and relevant for the times, even if the content isn't yours.

Constructing An AdSense Site

The domain name for the niche you are building this AdSense site for should contain the main keywords or phrase.

You then need a template that each page is built around. This could be as simple as a blank page or it could contain a sitemap, links, graphics, etc.

You would also want your AdSense ads code at the top.

The pages URL, Title, and Meta Tags should reflect the keyword/phrase you are currently focussing this page on.

You then fill the main content with a relevant RSS feed and/or article.

There are many sources of articles on the web. Try or You are usually allowed to copy as many articles as you want as long as the authors resource box is included.

You can find RSS feeds at A good tool to read the RSS Feed and display it on site is RSS2HTML.

If you use it this way it will be read by the search engines that spider the page correctly. Some scripts, such as those written in JavaScript, will not show the content as part of the site. The RSS2HTML script will place the blog/RSS content on your page and update it as necessary.

For further revenue, you can add keyword-specific content from other sites such as Amazon, AllPosters, eBay etc. The advantage with these affiliate programs is that if you specify the keyword you will display attractive, graphical ads tailored to that page. It diversifies advertising content and take some attention off AdSense. These can also generate more income as well as make the page more professional.

After you have set up your pages around the first key topic, move on to your next keyword/phrase. You can use different articles and blogs, and you need to change the page name and title. The first page you created can act as a template for all others. Only small changes need to be made—mainly in the content part.

Do this until you have pages for each keyword/phrase you have listed. Simply repeat the process.

Stuart Reid is the webmaster for Netpreneur Now.


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