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Secret AdSense Income System

by Raam Anand

Section 1: "No SEO Needed" AdSense Techniques

For several months now I have seen many products that promise to get you listed in the top of the search engines. Many of these products are useless, and people just end up wasting their money.

The 5 techniques below will show you exactly how to get traffic to your website and profit from those visitors clicking on your Google AdSense ads.

1. Find a topic you can create a two-part article on. Write part one of your article and place it on a page on your website. Place Google AdSense ads next to your article (example: Next you will want to create part two of your article and make sure to make reference to your first article in your second article. Take part two of your article and submit it to e-zine publishers, and article directories. Using this technique, part two of your article will drive traffic to part one of your article. In this way you will profit when someone clicks on your Google AdSense ads when visiting the web page that you have part one of your article on.

2. Create a site that is related to your market that has nothing on it but good quality content about a popular topic in your market. Make sure that you place Google AdSense ads on the site also. You'll then offer e-zine publishers an ad on one of the pages of your site if they'll mention your site to their subscribers. Make sure they know they'll benefit by other e-zine publishers sending traffic to your site. Their subscribers will be exposed to those ads also. You'll profit from the earnings you earn by people clicking on your Google AdSense ads.

This technique is profitable for everyone involved. I haven't seen anyone using it. So be a pioneer and watch this technique explode your Google AdSense income!

3. Find a profitable topic and create a 5–10 page website. Make sure to place Google AdSense ads on your website along with the content. Next you will want to create a mini-ebook or report about the topic, and include affiliate links for products and services related to your topic. Take your mini-ebook or report and give it to website owners and e-zine publishers who can reach your target market. Allow them to brand the affiliate links in your mini-ebook or report with their own affiliate links. Within your mini-ebook or report, you'll want to make many references to the website you created for this topic that have your Google AdSense ads on it. Whoever passes this mini-ebook or report around will be driving traffic to your site, and you'll profit from those that click on your Google AdSense ads.

This technique uses viral marketing, which in my opinion is one of the most powerful marketing techniques around. You can get some added exposure by submitting your ebook to e-book directories.

4. Take a couple of articles that you have written, and upload them to your website. Make sure to place your Google AdSense code next to your article. Now take the URL of your articles and place the URL in your signature line in your e-mail or forum signature line.

With this one easy technique, I've made up to $46 a day for spending a few minutes putting the URLs into my signature line.

5. Create an e-course on a topic that you know about or do research on a popular topic and create an e-course for it. Take each day of your course and place it on its own website. Day one will have its own page. Day two will have its own page, and so on. Make sure you place Google AdSense ads on each of these pages also.

When people sign up for your e-course instead of e-mailing them the content, send them to the website address where the content is. The key to this is putting your Google AdSense ads before the content.

By using this technique you are not only building a subscriber list, but you'll also profit from people who click on your Google AdSense ads when visiting to read your e-course.

In the future I will be writing more articles on how to profit with Google AdSense. By using the techniques above, you are working smarter and not harder, and that's really the key to making money with Google AdSense.

Section 2: Click-Happy AdSense Keywords Exposed

Many people sell expensive lists of keywords that are supposed to make you tons of cash for each click. Before you run out and buy one of those keyword lists, I want to ask you a question.

Would you rather buy a list of keywords that pays you $25 per click, but only get you 1 click a day ($25 profit per day), or would you rather get a free list of click-happy keywords that you can easily find yourself and get paid $4 a click, but get 50 clicks a day ($200 profit per day)?

Of course you want the click-happy keyword list. Anyone would pick $200 a day profit over $25 a day profit! So, exactly what is a click-happy keyword? A click-happy keyword is a keyword that will cause someone to click based on emotions that that keyword causes. Emotions like fear, anger, greed, disgust, sadness, and more are all emotions that will drive people to click like crazy. People look for answers when they feel an emotion.

When an overweight person is made fun of, and they go home to their computer and look for a weight loss solution, they go to their favorite search engine, and start clicking.

When a child comes home with lice a panicked mother will jump online and try to find a quick solution to get rid of the lice on her child. She will become click-happy in her panic to find some instant solution.

By finding click-happy keywords and building your site around them, you can tap into this click-happy people. You can take a keyword that only pays you $4 a click, and make it make you more money than any other keyword you would get off of some list of high paying keywords.

Finding these click-happy keywords is super easy and will take you no time. I simply open up my favorite keyword research tool, and type in some of the following words.


There are literally hundreds of these words. Now I'd take one of these words, and plug it in to my keyword research software. For example, when I do research for the keyword 'prevent' I see a good click-happy keyword phrase which is "prevent hangover".

If you've ever had a bad hangover, you know that you would do anything to get rid of it. Don't you think that someone suffering from a hangover wants the prevention fast and is going to click like crazy until they find their answer? Of course they are, and that's why finding these click happy keywords is so profitable.

The key to really using the power of click-happy keywords is to make sure that you only provide enough content on your site to send these click-happy visitors clicking off your site via one of your AdSense ads or affiliate links. You then make these click happy visitors profitable to you.

Start searching today for these click-happy keywords, and you'll never again have to worry about spending a lot of money on those high paying keyword lists that will keep you making less money.


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