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My 20-Step Routine To Profitable Google AdWords Advertising

by Brandon

For a start, many beginners must have spent lots of money in doing AdWords with mixed success.

You can find lots of e-books out there, but the true test and practical experience gained comes from using that money to learn the process on your own.

It might be a little easier to assist you if I knew what industry you were attempting to target.

Here are a couple things that I have learned along the way:

1) Start Small—Use the Daily Budget!

2) Get a good Text Editor, I prefer HTML-Kit.

3) Stay organized. Create a folder on your hard drive for each Campaign, and create keyword list and save them as text files within each folder.

4) Start with a master list of keywords, these should be the high traffic words. Such as Cars, Trucks, Minivans, etc...

5) Create a more target list from your Master List, such as "Buying a Car", "Car Buying", "Car Buying Guide", etc. You can use your Text Editor to do Find/Replace, and make this process go quicker...

6) Separate your keywords by catagories, Cars, Trucks, Minivans, then by Highly Targeted to Broadly Targeted, for example "General High Traffic Cars Keywords", "Buying Car Keywords", "Research Related Car Keywords", etc.

7) Create 3 Ads for each List. Each Ad should at a minimum have a different headline. I have found that the Headline make the biggest impact. Save these Ads in Text files too!

8) Create your Google AdSense Campaigns, do 2 campaigns for each Keyword List. One for "search network" and the other only for "content network". So name your "Buying Car Keywords—Search Network", and "Buying Car Keywords—Content Network". This step will have you a bundle in the long run.

9) Set you bids low. And bid lower on the "Content Network" campaigns.

10) Slowly increase bids until you start seeing you ad in positon 3–5.

11) Watch your clickthrough rate, and watch to see which ads are working. You will need to generate a decent amount of click before this will be statically correct, at least 30 clicks in total.

12) Dump the worst performing ad.

13) Copy the best perfoming ad, and change only one line, and us this ad in your ad mix.

14) Watch your conversion rate! When in doubt pause any non-proforming campaign, ussualy the "content network" campaign.

15) Leave highly targeted low impression campaigns running with low bid amounts. These are typically that keywords that google estimates will generate less than .5 click through per day. These campaings are not a drain on your budget, and can eventually produce inexpensive clicks.

16) Delete click producing, no or low conversion keywords. You might find that some keyword are pulling the wrong type of clicks. For example "Car Safety Rating", might be only pulling people that are looking for Driver's Ed classing, and not looking to purchase a safe car.

17) Go back to your best performing keywords, and best performing ad, and create a new campaign. The goal here is to compact all the best performer into a tight campaign that we can get agressive with. Again use 2 campaigns to separate "search network" and "content network". Use your best performing ad, a slightly different version of the same add. On the new version of the ad, try to persuade the reader NOT to click! Try changing one line to say something subtle about buying. Like "Buy online and Save", "Buy today, get Free Shipping", "Buy one, Get one Free".

18) Now running both ads, and best keywords, monitor progress, and slightly increase bid amounts. Your goal here is to slowly get into positions 2 or 3, while increasing or maintaining CTR.

19) If you are in position 1 or 2, and like the amount of traffic your are receiving, slowly lower your bid amount. You want to see if your CTR is good enough to maintain position without spending more than you have to.

20) Tweak, Tweak, Tweak. Feel free to try new keywords, new variation of your ads, etc.

It is really not that scary once you have your first campaign going! I hope this set of 20 steps will help you settle into your own successful AdWords campaigns comfortably.


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