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How To Skyrocket Your AdSense Revenue

by Priya Shah

Google's TOA prevents me from making any diclosures here, but I can safely say that I now make in a day what I used to earn in a month, when (over a year ago) I first put up the AdSense code on my websites.

I've been building new sites to boost my AdSense profits this month, but it'll take a while for them to build traffic and start pulling in the moolah.

Most of my revenue increase this month is actually just the result of improved AdSense placement and some (long overdue) re-optimization and tweaking to my sites.

Just making a few changes to my sites resulted in a huge leap of traffic and revenue.

My (stupid, now in hindsight) aesthetic sensibilities prevented me from utilising the earning capacity of AdSense to the fullest, but I've rectified that.

Aesthetics begone...never to return. ;-)

When publishers like Robin Good (MasterNewsMedia) and Chris Pirillo (of Lockergnome) endorse the use of AdSense for publishers, what was stopping me from making a killing all this time?

Just an unwillingness to see it as a significant source of income, that's what.

And it was a dumb thing to do. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

So don't you make that mistake, buddy.

If you have a site that's getting a good deal of traffic, take the time to learn how to get the most out of it.

And AdSense is the lazy person's way to do that.

But listen up now.

Because I'm going to tell you how to really—and I mean REALLY—make a killing from AdSense.

I can't reveal much because it's only spoken of in hushed whispers, but I know of at least one person (in India, mind you) who makes a FIVE-figure income (and that's in dollars) every MONTH from AdSense.

To become an AdSense Pro, you have to acquire a whole new way of doing things.

It's not easy, believe me. It takes a LOT of hard work and focus to do what these guys are doing.

And you have to be prepared for sudden, inexplicable dips in income from time to time.

But the payoff is HUGE.

Here are some tips and tools to get you started.

1. Get a copy of the Top Paying Keywords report. It gives you the the keyword prices of the 20,000 most popular keyword searches, plus hundreds of high-priced keywords. In addition, the database includes thousands of high-volume, low-cost keywords on which you can advertise.

Advertise? To get AdSense revenue, you say.

Yes, indeed there are ways that you can actually capitalise on the difference in bid pricing and pay peanuts to get clicks on high-revenue AdSense ads on your own page.

All this is completely legitimate, but you must know how to do it well.

2. Learn how to get your site accepted into the AdSense program.

3. Pick up this good manual about Google AdSense. The No. 1 recommendation of all time has just been updated as a 3rd edition.

Now here are some tips you won't get elsewhere.

If you're going to use website generators, use them carefully and take the precautions here.

Don't use them on your main domain. Buy new domains and generate your sites there.

Don't use them "out-of-the-box". It's very easy for search engines to spot (and ban) sites that have been generated with these tools. So tweak the templates, create new templates, whatever, but read my lips: "Do not use them out of the box."

Okay, enough dire warnings.

The message here is, use these tools intelligently. Make your sites look like more than the generated garbage some people create with them.

In fact, the best way to make sure your generated sites are around earning revenue for you in the long term is to "grow" each site into a "useful resource" on that topic.

Sure, it does require more time and effort than you would spend putting up hundreds of spammy-looking sites that you can generate in as little as 15 minutes each. It'll probably slow you down a bit, but the revenue will last longer and you'll be thankful for the time and effort spent customizing your sites when Mother Google starts clamping down on the spammy-looking ones.

And she will. Its just a matter of time.

So why do I recommend these tools at all?

Contrary to what my buddy Satya claims, I'm not some goody two-shoes "white-hat" SEO expert. I could play dirty if I wanted.

But I don't. Why?

Because when you play dirty you had better be darn good at it...or know what the hell you're doing.

Me, I'm a really bad liar. Never been able to lie with a straight face.

So I figure I'm just too dumb to play dirty.

Or maybe I'm not so dumb. What do you think? ;-)

But back to business.

4. Here's the real challenge: building traffic to your AdSense sites. If you're good at SEO and know how to build links and boost your PageRank, you shouldn't have too much trouble getting traffic to your sites, generated or not.

Many of these site-generating tools can help you target a wide range of keywords, and you should get good listings for less competitive terms in a short time.

It might take longer however, for you to build traffic for more competitive terms, and those are usually the ones that earn the most revenue. :-)

Well I didn't say there wasn't going to be hard work involved.

If you need a good SEO guide, pick up a copy of Number One In Your Niche.

Another parting tip. Are you putting AdSense code on your blogs, and hoping to earn from them?

Well, don't hope for too much, buster. Your blogs will probably get you a cup of latte every month, not much more, unless they get a LOT of traffic.

I'm sure there are people earning a good income from their blogs. But if you wanna be an AdSense Pro, you need a website.

Blogs are not very flexible and the most effective AdSense placements can't really be used with blogs.

A notable exception is the way Chris Pirillo has incorporated AdSense into Lockergnome (which doesn't really conform to my definition of a blog).

In short, there are things you can do with a website (like change the placement of ads and tweak stuff) that you simply can't do with a blog.

This was a rather long issue, and you have a lot of links to check, so I'll skip the article this time and let you get back to work. :-)

Priya Shah runs blogging courses at BlogBrandz and is the author of Number One In Your Niche.


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