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As Within, So Without

by Manoj Sharma

Have you ever considered that you might be living in two worlds?

An inner world and an outer world! In order to live a happy and fulfilling life we need to first become acutely aware of both worlds and experience them fully. Here is something for you to do to become aware of what I'm talking about if you are struggling with this thus far.

The words you are reading here and now are part of your outer world, which is being absorbed inward into you. At the same time you are reading these words from your inner world, which is being projected outwards from within you. As you read these words there are thousands of others who have, are or will be reading these same words. Can you start to get present to the truth that while they will all be reading the same words the reality from which they are reading them is (not "might be", but "is") completely different from yours?

Why? Because their chosen experience of life is different and they are looking at things from a distinct and different inner world from yours. Here is something else for you to reflect on...

Reflect upon this short article as long as you need to. Also feel free to send this article to all your friends too and contribute to them.

So here is the big one for you to reflect on...Consider that whatever you are experiencing in your outer world is merely a reflection of your inner world. What are the implications of this?

Are you aware that nobody can experience the world from your vantage point? Even if there are 300 people in the same room, every single one of them has a different experience. The next time you walk down the streets, get present to the truth that there are as many worlds as the people out there on the street with you.

If you can grasp what I'm getting across to you, you would have discovered the power to create anything you need, want or desire in your finances, career, business, relationships and life. This is my promise to you.

Manoj Sharma is Managing Director of DifferWorld Pte Ltd, a people-potentialization company. He is one of the most sought-after thought leaders and professional course presenter in the field of human potential, and is also a student of ontology, logic and life studies. Check the DifferWorld website for course preview details.


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