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How To Flood Your Mind With Positive Thoughts

by Emmanuel Segui

Visualization is a technique in which you see yourself with your mind's eyes, achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.

It is performing an act the way you want it to be.

Through visualization, you bring your ideal future into the present. You impress your subconscious mind with strong and vivid pictures. You shape your destiny.

Great leaders like Brian Tracy, Jack Canfield, Stephen Covey, Michael J. McCarthy, and Anthony Robbins have all used the power of visualization to transform beliefs, habits, performance.

Brian Tracy said "the better you get at visualization, the more rapidly you move forward to accomplish your goals and aspirations".

Success is not an accident. Every highly successful person knows that visualization is an essential ingredient to success. And the faster you master it, the faster you move towards your goals, dreams and toward your success. All improvement in your life begins with an improvement in your mental pictures.

There are 4 factors that determine how rapidly your visualization turns into realization.

First is the duration of your visualization. How long can you hold the picture in your mind?

Second is the frequency of visualization. How often do you hold that picture in your mind each day?

Third is the intensity of visualization. How much emotion is involved in the picture that you're holding in your mind of your goal?

And fourth is the vividness of the visualization. How clear is your mental picture?

You can increase the speed at which you achieve your goal by increasing the length of the visualization, or holding the picture longer, increasing the frequency by visualizing more often during the day, increasing the
intensity by generating more emotion to go with the picture and by increasing the clarity or the vividness of the picture.

The way you do this is to play and replay the picture of your goals on the screen of your mind. The more you visualize, the more intensely you will desire your goal and the less you fear failure and rejection and the possible risks that are involved.

Here are 3 techniques to help you in your visualization process to program yourself for success.

1. Create clear mental pictures of your ideal lifestyle.

Take a piece of paper and make the list of the 6 major areas in which you're going to work to live a happier life.

Normally, they are:

1. Your personal development.
2. Your family.
3. Your business and career.
4. Your financial freedom.
5. Your health and vitality.
6. Your relationships.

For each one of them, what would be your ideal life? When you say "Personal development", what are the thoughts that you would think, what are the qualities you would have, what kind of character you would own? Write your answers down.

What is your ideal life with your family? Write it down.

Do the same thing with each one of the 6 areas.

Now take several minutes each day, ideally 10 minutes to review and visualize these goals and dreams

2. The end of the movie.

Here is a technique to use when you want to improve a situation, make new habits or change your limiting beliefs.

Imagine you go to a theater to see an exciting adventure movie. You arrive at the theater ten minutes before the earlier scheduled movie is over. Instead of waiting in the lobby, you go into the theater, sit down and watch the last ten minutes of the movie.

You see how the entire plot unfolds and how everything turns out for the principal actors. You see the problems resolved and what happens to everyone when the movie ends.

Then, when the next showing begins, you go back and sit through the entire movie from the beginning. Only this time, instead of being caught up in the suspense and drama of the unfolding plot, you relax and watch the movie objectively. You take time to appreciate the cinematography, the dialogue, the way that the scenes are connected and how the plot unfolds and develops.

You are calm and relaxed. You are far less anxious or emotional, than you would be if you had not already seen the last ten minutes. Because you already know how it ends.

3. The treasure map.

Here's a technique you can use to aid in visualization.

You make a poster, say, the size of a travel poster, and you put your goal or even a picture of yourself in the middle of the poster. You then surround your picture on the poster with pictures and clippings from magazines and newspapers that are related to your goal.

Take time regularly to sit and look at that poster over and over again. Feed your mind with the images. Let your mind photograph all those words and pictures consistent with the goal that you desire. Images of affluence, pictures of the car that you want, the home that you want, pictures that have amounts of money written on them cut out from magazines and newspapers.

Anything that stimulates your subconscious mind by imprinting on it a picture of what you desire starts to move you rapidly toward the accomplishment of your goal and starts to move your goal toward you.

For more information on visualization, I recommend "How To Program Your Mind For Success In Record Time" by Mike Mograbi.

You will learn:

1. Use the magic formula to program yourself in record time: visualization + affirmation + power question + anchor

2. Know EXACTLY when to use this formula to easily program your mind to win and stop wasting time and effort doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.

3. Go through the 19 steps to make self-improvement easy.

4. Understand WHAT to visualize and WHY and how to define your long and short-term goals.

Emmanuel Segui is a master-practitioner of NLP and nuero-semantics. He is continually helping people develop their potential genius. His vision is to create a new world of possibilities where people are willing to develop their full potential.


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