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2 Key Ingredients To Living A Successful Life

by John Harricharan

The following is a excerpt from the exclusive AudioMotivation interview with Lecturer, author, businessman, and motivational icon John Harricharan.

AUDIOMOTIVATION: What other tools and resources would you say are essential to achieve personal success and I'd love to pass that along to the AudioMotivation members today.

JOHN HARRICHARAN: You know, I always thought there were two important things in the recipe of success. Two of the most important ingredients in success are, number one, a sense of purpose and number two, a touch of madness. You've got to be crazy. And I mean that in a really lighthearted way.

Let's touch on a sense of purpose. It's actually where do you want to go, what do you want to do, what is it you want to do with your life and what is it you want to do for humanity or your family or your friends or just for yourself? Which means you have to believe in who you are.

You have to have a feeling of self-worth, a feeling of self, not self-importance, but of a positive self-image that you are worthy of being here on this Earth.

Until you can come to terms with that, you can't go on to the other thing or the other one won't do it alone. It's like baking a cake with half the stuff you need for it. It won't be a really good cake so the other recipe is you've got to be crazy enough, you've got to be mad enough to say to yourself, you know the universe may not owe me a living but I owe the universe a life and because of that I will follow my dream, I will follow this inner feeling, this intuitive guidance, this whatever it is that calls to me from deep within me. I'll follow that and I'll do the necessary things, I'll take action and I'll get to where I want to go. That's the nutshell version of it, two of the most important things.

AUDIOMOTIVATION: Now people really need to do this every day to kind of affirm that within themselves and free themselves of any guilt that may be holding them back, right?

JOHN HARRICHARAN: Yeah, well you know, one of the greatest detriments to becoming wealthy is actually guilt. A friend of mine, a late friend of mine, Foster Hibbard, many people have heard of him. He was a friend and student of Dr. Napoleon Hill of Think And Grow Rich and Foster and I were friends for many, many years until he died a few years ago and once I asked him about money.

I said, "Foster, what is it you think that prevents people from becoming wealthy?", and he looked at me and said, "You know, John, it's guilt, guilt, guilt". Because the only message guilt brings is that you don't deserve it. It says to you, you don't deserve, you don't deserve, you don't deserve. And if there is a feeling within you that you do not deserve, if you do not deserve to be wealthy, you won't be because you will stop yourself.

Josh Hinds & Andy O'Bryan co-founded AudioMotivation which includes success sessions with famous motivational speakers, trainers, business experts and best-selling authors.


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