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5 Handy List Building Tips For Success

by Sharlene Raven

1. Find ways to integrate opt-in forms into your general website layout on each page. Consider putting an opt-in form on the sidebar menu of each page. Additionally, consider putting an opt-in form at the bottom of each page. Give each visitor the chance to sign up for your list, regardless of where he or she arrives.

2. Always split-test landing pages for your opt-in forms. Start by creating two opt-in list landing page models. Make both landing pages similar, but change one detail. For instance, one page could use a blue headline and the other could use a red headline. Send identical pay-per-click traffic to each page until you determine which opt-in landing page is more effective.

3. Setup joint ventures with site owners in non-competing, but related, niches. For instance, if you sell surfing info-products, you may want to look for joint venture partners who sell surfboards and wet suits. Clearly communicate the benefits of working with you whenever you contact a joint venture partner in an attempt to grow your opt-in list.

4. Use your list to position yourself as an expert. If you e-mail people on a regular basis with tips and ideas, they will remember you name. Additionally, when you setup joint ventures, you will be able to bring considerably more to the table if you can offer a mailing to a list of several thousand. This will position you as an expert in the eyes of other experts too.

5. Implement a "tell a friend" form on your opt-in "thank you" page. This will allow visitors to send out your list URL to 5–10 friends. Whether or not they join will be up to the actual friends, but this is a good method for finding new leads without paying for them or advertising in new places. Instead, you can harness your list's resources to grow your list further.

Sharlene Raven is the webmaster of The Raven Project.


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