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5 Rules To Remember

by Steve Yakim

There are 5 rules to remember when building your lists.

1. Build only 100% opt-In lists.

Never and I mean never put anyone on your lists that did not request to be on your list. That is called spam and that is a real no, no. Spam will get you into trouble faster than you can say "what happened".

There are much better and easier ways to build a list.

2, Quality is more important than quantity.

Do not be concerned about building a large list in the beginning. A large list comes with time. You want to build a list of people that want to be on your list that want to become participating partners.

You need to give your list members quality information they can use. Not just theories. But good quality information they can use right now. If you give the people on your list good content they will know you know what you are talking about.

If you give them good quality information that they can use, then they may purchase some of you paid information because they know it will be quality information they can use.

Which list do you think would make more money if you wanted to sell a product that comes with reprint rights?

a. A 500,000 member joke list.
b. A 25,000 member Internet Marketing list.
c. A 300 member reprint rights list.

If you think a 500,000 member joke list will get more sales simply because of the large number, that's the wrong answer.

If you think a 25,000 member Internet Marketing list will purchase more products because after all Internet marketing people like to buy products like this, then you are wrong again.

A 300 member list that wants products with reprint rights will outsell both of these other lists simply because they want to know when you come out with a product with reprint rights so they can buy it.

You will make much more money from small tightly targeted lists than you will from any other list no matter how large that list is.

3. Work toward MULTIPLE tightly targeted lists.

Pay special attention here. This is the big secret all the gurus are not telling you about list building.

You want to build many small tightly targeted list. I am not talking about a newsletter. Although some of these people will be receiving your newsletter because they requested to be on that list.

In my next newsletter I will tell you what the 4 most profitable lists there are to build. I just counted and I have 25 different kinds of tightly targeted lists. A couple lists have less than 20 members. But they bring in good money every time I send an e-mail to them.

My goal is to have over 50 of these tightly targeted list by the end of the year.

4. Take you time and do it right.

I work with a lot of people in joint ventures. Most of the time these people want to throw the project together as fast as they can so they can start reaping the profits.

They sometimes do not want to do some of the tactics that will really boost the outcome of the project. But if you take your time and do it right you will find your success will be much greater and last much longer.

5. Think viral in everything you do.

Viral marketing is a method you can use to make your projects continue to grow after you stop your initial marketing launch.

An example of a viral marketing campaign is my No Cost Advertising and Traffic Report Series. It is designed so that other people can use it to build their list and earn 7 different streams of income by just giving the reports away.

It is a great tool to use and many people are using it. I just launched that report a few weeks ago and over 1,700 people have downloaded that report. All I did was send it to my newsletter list.

Later this week I will have a special offer for you and it is regarding this special viral report. I won't tell you now. It's a secret. But I think you will really like it.

It's not ready yet but I am taking my time and I am going to do it right. Viral marketing is so easy to do once you start to think viral.

All people have to do is to give these reports away and they can make money. But if they use the report as an incentive to get people to sign up for their newsletter it also become a great tool they can use to build their lists.

This report would be good to build an affiliate list. It is good to build a list of people interested in building list. It could be used to build a list of people interested in reprint rights.

This report contains all of these elements and more. It just depends on how you present the report to the people you are giving it away to.

If you took the time and put $20.00 into your business and purchased the customization rights to the report, you would have 37 links inside the report that you could customize with your affiliate link. That is 7 different possible streams of income from one report.

Plus the people you give the report to are going to give the report away to other people and it will have your links in the report. That means there are 7 different products advertised in this report that you can earn a 50% commission on just by giving the report away.

Along with the customization, you get a complete website and a popup you can use on one of your other websites to build your list and give away the report.

If you did not read the report I will give you the link to the same website you will receive in the customization package so you can see what it is like. You can download the report there.

Steve Yakim has been on the Internet since 1996 and has several Internet businesses of his own. He also packed several careers in different professions into his life and he hasn't finished yet. He has a Bachelor Degree in Micro Computer Network Management and is a certificated Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer. He says that is almost as much fun as when he was a professional magician, touring around the U.S.A.!


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