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Top 10 Ways To Link Popularity


Link popularity has become an important factor in the ranking algorithms of most search engines. If many quality websites link to your site, you'll have a good position in the search engines.

There are a number of ways to improve the link popularity of your website. Here's the first half of our top 10 list on how to improve your link popularity:

10. Cross-link your sites.

An easy way to improve your link popularity is to add a link from your own popular website to a less popular site of your own.

However, it's very important that one site is not only a duplicate of the other and that both sites are related to each other. For example, links to and vice versa. Both sites are different but they offer related content.

9. Give testimonials.

Everyone has some favorite software tools and utilities. Contact the publishers or developers and explain why you like their software programs. Some of them will request a permission to display your testimonial on their website, along with a link to your site.

You can also contact websites that don't offer software programs but interesting articles. Just make sure that you really stand behind what you say as it can backfire to you if you recommend bad products.

8. Awards for you and other sites

You can submit your website to sites which offer awards. If they reward you their award, then they'll probably link to your site. Just search Google for "awards directory your-keyword" (replace "your-keyword" with a keyword that is important to your business).

You can also offer an award for other websites. Submit your awards page to the above-mentioned awards directories to make it popular. The websites who receive your award will link back to your site.

7. Participate in newsgroups and discussion forums

When you post to newsgroups and discussion forums, add a signature file with a link to your website.

An easy way to post messages in newsgroups is to create a Google account and to post via their Web interface:

To find good discussion forums, just search Google for "forums directory your-keyword". For example, if you want to participate in a marketing forum, search Google for "forums directory marketing".

6. Provide a link directory

Offer a link directory on your website which links to quality websites with a similar topic. Your visitors will appreciate such a resource and you'll provide incentive for other sites to link to your site.

You can add a "link to us" page to your website on which you promise to add other complementary sites to your link directory if they link back to you first.

ARELIS, the professional reciprocal links management software, can help you to create and maintain a link directory (among many other useful things). It also checks if other websites remove their link to you.

More information about the reciprocal links management program can be found here.

5. List your website with Yahoo

If you have a business website, you might want to pay US$299 yearly to Yahoo to have your website listed:

If you have a non-business site, you can submit to Yahoo without paying:

Is it still worth to submit to Yahoo?

4. List your website with Open Directory Project (ODP)

If your website is listed in the popular directory ODP, then your website will have a good base for the link popularity.

Rumor has it that Google starts crawling for websites listed in the ODP directory. Best of all, you can add your website to ODP without paying a fee.

3. List your website in regional and industry-specific directories.

We've already covered this topic in depth here.

2. Write articles for your audience.

Write articles about the topics that your website visitors are interested in. After a while, other websites will link back to your articles.

You can also send your articles to syndicate websites. They'll offer your articles to other websites. Just make sure that your article contains a link to your website so that other sites who publish your article will automatically link to you.

Here's a list of some syndicate sites.

1. Get reciprocal links from complementary sites

Search the major search engines for your keywords. They will return many websites that don't compete with your site, or which offer complementary things.

Visit their site and then write them an e-mail message to request a link to your site. If you link back to them first, they'll be more likely to link to you.

Consider using the reciprocal links management software ARELIS which saves you much time. It also lists which websites link to your competitors so that you can request a reciprocal link to your site too.

Copyright by Internet marketing and search engine ranking software. Try out the software risk-free for 30 days by right-clicking and save ARELIS directly from *here*.


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