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How To Increase Your Profits By Reading Your Prospect's Mind

by Jonathan Mizel

Imagine being able to read the mind of a prospect visiting your website.

You could listen to the conversation already going on in their head, giving you valuable insight to what emotions and thoughts relate to their buying decision.

This is pretty powerful information to be privy to while someone is considering becoming your customer. It allows you to sell a greater percentage of products and services by discovering:

  • What they are looking for
  • Their true passions and desires
  • What fears keep them up at night
  • The exact keywords and phrases going through their mind

With this information, you can craft a sales letter speaking to them in a language they understand, and when you speak to a prospect in their language, you dramatically increase your conversion rate and profits.

You don't need to be a psychic to read their mind!

You don't need secret psychic powers to figure out what they are thinking. And you don't need to guess what they really want. All you need to do is...ASK!

In this article, we'll reveal 2 ways to get your visitors to tell you what they want, in their own words (this is important). And we'll show you how to turn this knowledge into profit.

In fact, use this technique and you'll gain an unfair advantage over all your customers. Learn what to say to them (the words and phrases) to make them buy more often, all while enhancing their experience and building loyalty.

Method #1: Just Ask

We learned this trick from Declan Dunn back in 1996, and it immediately doubled our sales to over $30,000 a month. We've used it time and time again with clients, associates, and friends, and it works every time.

The best part is you can implement it quickly, in just a few minutes. All you have to do is add a form or pop-up to your site like this:

This little box is effective at getting the prospect to reveal what they are looking for at your site. People will tell you (in their own words) exactly which keywords and phrases they think about. If you pay attention, this reveals how to best sell to them.

If you are promoting a marketing product, the copy reads: What are your top three marketing goals?

If you are selling a weight loss product, the copy reads: What are your top three weight loss goals?

If you are selling real-estate, the copy reads: What are the top three qualities you look for in a real-estate agent?

Since fear is a proven motivator, you can also reposition this to discover people's obstacles, as opposed to their passions, by saying:

What are the top three <fill in the blank> challenges you face?

If you are selling legal services, the copy reads: What are the top three legal challenges you face?

If you are promoting an MLM, the copy reads: What are the top three MLM challenges you face?

To see what this looks like in real-life, check this out.

The code to make the basic form, the pop-up, and the JavaScript command, are on the page. Or, if you own Amazing Pop-Ups, you can you can create your own custom version with an exit pop-up or pop-under.

Whenever someone completes the form, we receive an e-mail with the information they entered. These are reviewed on a daily basis to see what people are looking for, but not finding, on our site.

We learn the exact keywords on their mind, allowing us to position our ad copy (especially the headline) to highlight those specific words and phrases. Old sales pros like Tom Hopkins and Brian Tracy aptly refer to this as "feeding the sales message back to the prospect in their own words".

Does it work? You bet! In fact if you are looking for the easiest method to increase your conversion rate, simply adding a few 'trigger' words to your copy can as much as double your response!

Method #2: Add A Search Engine

There's another easy way to read your customer's mind, especially if you want to discover the words that compel them to take action. Just add a search engine to your site, either on the page itself, or as an exit pop-up.

Many webmasters add a search engine to their site to help users find information, and that's a great idea. However, a huge hidden benefit is you get to see what your visitors are looking for. Be sure to leverage this opportunity!

Below are 2 search engines packages you can add to your own site. These include the 3 most important criteria:

  • Ability to limit searches to just your site
  • Ability to see what people searched for
  • Low cost or free to implement

Check these out: This is a very easy-to-use search system. All you do is set up a free account and add the URL for each Web page you want included in your search results. Then add the search box to your site. You get a report detailing everything your users searched for. The downside of is they put a banner ad on the results page, which can be distracting to users. Of course, you can pay a small fee to have it removed.

Fluid Dynamics: This is a search engine PERL script you add to your CGI bin. In other words, it runs on your server, not remotely, and can spider your entire site. Though it's a bit more complex to set up and install, it offers incredible functionality, including the ability to spider only certain pages, a keyword exclusion list, and much more.

There are other search engines out there, and many are just fine. The key is not which one you use, but what you do with the information you discover.

What You Learn By Using These Techniques

Here are the 3 benefits of learning to read your customer's mind:

1. Easily make your ad copy more responsive: The fact is, if you know which trigger words are compelling to your prospect, you can use them in your ad copy to literally hypnotize them into purchasing. This is a very powerful technique, so please don't abuse it!

2. Learn new hot button keywords and phrases your prospects use but you might not: We were testing the viability of a new product recently and decided to try this process to see if we were missing any words or phrases. The results revealed 3 of the 5 top words weren't even on our list. Yet this was a source of thousands of low cost, high inventory words on Google AdWords Keyword Tool, the largest pay-per-click search engine on the Internet.

3. Discover new product ideas: If you see people searching for, or saying the same thing over and over again, all desiring the same pleasure, or looking to move away from the same pain, consider it a request to develop a product fulfilling those wants and needs. This is quite possibly the best market research you can develop because it's simple, honest, spontaneous, and anonymous.

Don't Go Overboard And Remember To Sell!

These techniques are great but it's possible to get carried away. We've seen site owners go into survey mode for years at a time, getting carried away with testing and the 'data' they collect, forgetting why they do it in the first place.

Your goal is to figure out what works quickly, then roll it out on a big scale through pay-per-click search engines and no-risk, revenue share (affiliate) programs. Get the information you need to immediately impact your marketing, and then execute.

You should be able to get a good idea of trigger words, keywords, and keyword phrases with 50–100 responses or 200–400 searches. When we use this technique, patterns emerge quickly, telling us if we are on-track with our offer and positioning.


As always, you need to test this for your site and your prospects. You may need to change the wording to fit your specific niche or target market. You may want to add a privacy notice if the questions are sensitive to help people feel more comfortable and highlight the fact they are anonymous.

Understanding what people want, in their own words, is a bit like being able to read their mind. This remains a great 'hypnotic' marketing principle of our time, and the advantage it gives you is immense.

Use this technique sparingly, but competently, and we guarantee you will profit from it.

Jonathan Mizel is a well-known and respected Internet Marketing expert, and is often found advising well known companies such as Microsoft, Intel, and American Express.


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