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30 Ways To Write A Hypnotic Headline

by Joe Vitale

Here's one of my biggest secret.

I write the headline first. The headline becomes an anchor for my entire message. It sums up what I want to say, holds my passion, and builds curiosity. I may change my headline later, but I always begin with a working headline to get the steam going.

The following 30 ways to write a headline are worth gold. They are from my book for the American Marketing Association, titled The AMA Guide to Small Business Advertising. I spent years researching all the ways you can write a headline, and then created this set of 30 templates. This will make headline writing a snap for you.

You're going to need at least one main headline on your sales letter or website. But you'll also need headlines throughout the body of your writing. These sub-headlines help convey your message, keep people interested, and continue to build desire.

You'll also find that because there are 3 kinds of readers—word-for-worders, skimmers and jumpers—you need sub-headlines to appeal to all of them. So when you look through the following, feel free to create as many headlines as you can for your product or service. You may need them all.

Headlines will make or break your ads. John Caples said a headline can pull up to 19 times better result for the same ad. Advertising pioneer James Webb said a top headline can bring in as much as 50% more enquiries and sales. Ad genius David Ogilvy five times more people will read your headlines than read your whole ad.

1. Lead with these opening words: At Last! Announcing! New! Introducing! Finally!...etc.

Note the hint of excitement and 'newsiness' in the above words. Legally you can only use the word 'New' if your product has been developed or improved within the last 6 months. If you have just invented a new device, certainly let the world know.

2. Round up your audience: Plumbers! Housewives! Newbies! Sore Feet?

This type of headline is "calling in" your target audience. If you are selling a book for lawyers, you might open by saying "Attention Lawyers!" With this approach you are certain to get the ear of the exact crowd you want.

3. Promise a benefit: "FREE from backache in 10 minutes!", "Buy one shirt—Get the second FREE!", "Land a job in 2 days with New Method!"

Benefits are why people buy. Decaffeinated coffee is a feature; "Let's you sleep better" is a benefit. If people have a back problem, they do not want to buy a pill; they want to buy relief from their pain. "FREE from relief of pain" tells them a cure is available. Sell the relief, not the prevention.

In this context, Marlon Sanders describe a headline as "an articulation of a promise".

4. Make it newsworthy: "Major Breakthrough in Car Safety!", "New Formula Restores Hair!", "Seven Lost Secrets Discovered!"

People devour news. Reveal the worthiness of your product or service and you will get attention. A new product is news. An old product with new uses is news. Arm and Hammer Baking Soda (which also started as a small business) has been around for decades, but the company keep thinking of new ways for us to use its product—from brushing our teeth to putting it in the fridge to eliminate odors—and that's news.

5. Offer something FREE: "FREE to writers!", "FREE Report Explains Tax Loopholes", "FREE Book on Car Repairs!"

Your free item has to be appropriate to the audience you are after. It may be free, but if they are not interested, in it, they will not write or call you. Also your free item has to be really free—with no catches or conditions—for you to be legally safe. Any small business can create a free item that is relevant.

6. Ask an intriguing question: "What Are The Seven Secrets to Success?", "Do YOU Make This Mistakes In English?", "Which Gas Filter Will Boost YOUR Car's Performance?"

Questions are a powerful way to involve readers. But your question has to be an open-ended one that hints of a benefit. If you ask a question that can be easily answered with a 'yes' or a 'no', you run the risk that your readers will not look beyond the question. But if your question is intriguing, it will pull readers into your copy to learn the answer.

7. Quotation Marks.

There is something about quotation marks that captures people's eyes. If your quote is intriguing (as are the fictional ones above), they will force readers to read your copy. That's why you must get testimonials Headlines put in quotes will get more attention. Dialogue has life, and that attracts people.

Dr. Joe Vitale is the author of way too many books to list here, including the #1 best-selling book "Spiritual Marketing", the best-selling e-book "Hypnotic Writing" and the best-selling Nightingale-Conant audio program, "The Power of Outrageous Marketing".


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