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Understanding The 2 MOs Of Sales To Increase Your Sales Volume

by Daniel Goh

Whenever we buy anything, what are our considerations? Well, depending on the items we are buying, right? Though no matter what you are buying, a cake, a shirt, a television, a car or even a house. Notice that we will usually have 2 main considerations that affect our decision. There will always be a battle between the Main Objective and the Main Objection.

Is it true for you too?

When you buy something, for example a particular model of hand phone, the Main Objective could be the PDA functions and the Main Objection could be the price of $800. After consideration, you may decide that the PDA function is worth paying $800 for and thus you make a purchase, in which case the Main Objective has won.

If you decide that the price of $800 is too much to pay for the PDA phone even though PDA functions are what you really wanted, you may look for another model with a lower price tag or give up the PDA functions altogether; in this case, the Main Objection has won.

Of course there are other aspects of consideration, though what I am suggesting is what goes on in the prospects' mind as they evaluate their purchasing decision and the product involved. What is weighing on the prospect's mind more? The Main Objectiive or the Main Objection?

So what can the salesperson do? Address the Main Objection to the prospect's satisfaction and emphasize the Main Objective constantly. Another challenge may arise, "How do I know which are the prospect's Main Objection and Main Objective?" Well, ask and truly listen.

Some Examples

One way of asking is, "Mr. Prospect, so far, is there anything at all that may hinder you from purchasing our products and enjoying all the benefits?" If the prospect mentions something, pause, then ask about what the prospects has said, ask him for further clarification before jumping in and tackling the objection. Ask him what you would have to do or show him to address his Main Objection. Remember; be empathic in your listening. Show him you understand his concern. Sometime an objection can be actually 'overcome' by the salesperson just by listening. The prospect may just want his Main Objection heard.

"Mr. Prospect, you have heard most of the benefits that our product/service/idea is able to offer you. Which of the benefit really impressed you?" Or, "Which of the benefit do you like best? Could you tell me more as to why it is so?" You can start to craft some of these questions on your own with regard to what you are offering. Then, emphasize the benefits during closing, remind him how he will be able to enjoy this Main Objective. Emphasize any other point that may be relevant to this benefit.

As salespersons, we need to be aware of the prospects' thinking and feelings as much as possible. Truly, you will be able to "hear the thoughts" and "feel the emotions" of the prospects as long as you are not too engross with your own thinking and feeling. Be aware of whatever you are saying and how it is affecting the thoughts and feelings of the other person. So, during a presentation of your product, please be on the lookout for the 2 MOs. If you can't detect it, ask and find out.

Selling Big Ticket Items

Selling a mobile phone and selling a house would definitely be different. When buying mobile phones, we may have a Main Objective of ease of use and the Main Objection may be the price. When it comes to big ticket items like a house or car or an investment program, more than one strong objective or objection comes into the picture. What a salesperson should know is that even though there are more MOs involved, the different MOs have a hierarchy to it. Meaning, for example, with a few Main Objectives in buying a car, they are arranged in order of importance. It could be the ease of driving, followed by the safety aspects and then the futuristic design of the car. When the salesperson knows this hierarchy, it would assist him or her to spend the most time on the ease of use of the car. Spend enough time on the safety aspects of the car and proportionately less time on the futuristic design of the car. If the car salesperson does not know the MOs and spend significant time on the technically superior abilities of the car compared to other cars and the affordability of the car, he or she may be wondering why the prospect is not impressed at the end of the presentation.

On the aspect of the Main Objections, in the case of buying a house, they could be firstly, the unusual layout of the house and secondly, the accessibility to the town center and thirdly the price. The competent salesperson would spend considerable time explaining the plus points of the house's layout and then the alternative routes of travel and then the justification of the asking price. If unknowingly, the salesperson just keeps emphasizing the "good and affordable price" of the house, the sales again may not go through as the top two Main Objections had not been addressed.

Being Highly Conscious Assists You To Find Out The MOs Of Sales

The mark of a highly competent and successful salesperson is a high level of consciousness. He or she is very conscious of how the prospect is feeling and thinking during the entire time that the prospect is with them. If the highly conscious salesperson sense that the prospect is upset or disagree with what was just being said or shown, s/he can competently and quickly change the direction of the presentation whereas the average salesperson may just keep bashing down that path and incur greater wrath and lessen their chances of securing the sales.

On the other hand, if something mentioned seems to generate positive responses, it is an indication to further emphasize the point just made, especially when in the process of securing the sales. The favorable point mentioned could be the Main Objective the prospect has to purchase the product from you.

Sales is a very huge subject that deals primarily with the most complicated being in the world, human beings. However, I have found that practicing and being efficient in the MOs of Sales, would improve most salespeople's closing rate significantly.

Daniel Goh is a relationships coach with New Life Coaching and has worked across diverse industries such as IT, Health, Education, Investment and Personal Development. In the capacity of Sales and Marketing Executive, Business Development Manager and Division Director locally and in Hong Kong, China and Australia. His areas of specialties include Communication, Sales, Marketing, interpersonal relationships and the study of personalities. Calling all managers and human resources personnels, contact Daniel at 65-90710868 or e-mail for future runs of the "Creating Great Relationships In The Workplace" and "Science Of Increasing Sales" workshops.


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