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eBay Beginner Tips Part 1: Getting Started Selling On eBay

by Sidney Johnston

There's an E-Biz in Your Closet!

You are in the RIGHT spot at the RIGHT time in e-history, you have open access to an incredibly profitable and exciting business opportunity—one that didn't even exist five years ago—a Net auction business.

What's more...Net auctions are easy to do. There is no financial risk. And they generate great income—you know, the "enough-to-save-for-kid's-college" type of income.

So that's why...With just a little over three bucks, and a couple of your less-treasured items, you're on your way!

In your mind...

...Net auctions seem sort of intriguing, but you're just not sure if...

a) They fit your needs (personal and business).

b) There's honestly any money to be made. After all, hype is everywhere. Maybe you think Net auctions might be fine for a little playful buying and selling, but they're not a real bring-home-the-paycheck business.

Fair enough. A new business venture is not to be taken lightly. You need "ground level" information not pie-in-the-sky announcements.

Consider this: The auction site giant, eBay, has 5 million items for sale daily and 22.5 million registered users.

eBay estimates their share of the global market will soon reach $1.7 trillion! eBay's revenues topped $430 million in 2000, an increase of 92% from 1999.

A Net auction business can be the solution to financial/employment/ business concerns and they can satisfy personal needs/dreams.

Why? Here are a few reasons to get the ball rolling...

1) There is NO financial risk for start-up!

It is cheap, cheap, cheap to start an auction business! You never have to worry about employees, rent, costly technology or any of the other expenses that suck up the money of an netrepreneur. Somebody else has already created the system and taken all the risk.

All you have to do is raise your hand and say, "I'm in". The panic of watching your bank balance fall at an alarming rate is no longer a part of your life. There is no need to take a second mortgage on the house or risk the kids' college fund, gambling on your own business.

You can begin by selling stuff that you're sick of or have outgrown (why did I ever buy that orange vase, anyway?) Or, you're bound to have relatives or friends who would love to sell on eBay that what-cha-ma-call-it for a few dollars and need your help.

Depending on what auction site you use, advertising your widget may be free. Even the most expensive site, eBay, costs a maximum of $3.30 to list your item (except for a home or car).

The two tools you absolutely must have to sell on eBay are a computer and access to the Internet—and you must already have that, or you wouldn't be reading these words. ;-)

2) Auction sites attract millions—yes, millions—of TARGETED customers!

If you build your own website, you have to figure out ways to attract buyers. As many of us already know, to our dismay, this can costly in either money or time or both!

Auction sites have already done the hard and expensive work of getting customers for you. To sell on eBay, you just need to provide a great product at a great price. Auction players are looking for bargains, uniqueness and convenience. Provide that and you will always have customers at your auction doorstep.

3) Auctions are the EASIEST game on the Net.

You can sell on eBay immediately, with very little knowledge. The learning curve is minimal. You can be operating an auction business five minutes from now. Simply fill in the required registration form (no charge) and you are ready to begin.

Naturally, if you decide to become a serious player, earning thousands each week, you will need to educate yourself. But, even then, it is the easiest and most do-able business on the Net.

That doesn't mean that you will become an overnight millionaire working 10 minutes a day, like so many of those ridiculous Internet claims would have you believe.

But running a Net auction business surely isn't brain surgery. The basics can be mastered quickly, and then it is just a question of selling and practicing to raise your skill level.

4) You can use online auctions as a TRAFFIC GENERATOR to promote your business or any other interests that you have.

Regardless of what you're doing on the Internet, you can use Net auctions to drive traffic to your product or service. Lots of traffic.

And fortunately for you, almost no one realizes what a powerful strategy this is. There are millions of people selling on eBay, but most of them don't realize yet what a powerful lead-generating tool it is.

NOW is the time to take advantage of the power of auctions, before everyone else wakes up to the possibilities.

5) Your auction business is ALWAYS open—but you don't have to be!

Once you list your product/service, you can go about your other business. It's not like a retail store, or an office, or even a garage sale where you must be there in person, or there won't be any sales. Let the auction do its job and direct your energy to other things.

6) The amount of time you spend is entirely up to YOU.

You can spend an hour a week...or ten hours a day...on your auction business. Your level of involvement is your decision.

This means there is no reason to give up the security of a pay check, until you are ready. may love your job and want to keep it, but you just need a little extra money.

Increase your level of involvement whenever you want to. Or keep it strictly a sideline. Your choice. No desperation. No risk.

7) There is the FUN FACTOR (the best part)!

A Net auction business lets you follow your passion, meet new people and be entertained—all while you are 'working'.

Sydney Johnston's Make Your Net Auction Sell! (MYNAS!) outlines other powerful features and benefits of a Net auction business. This outstanding book gives you the "big picture" so that you can easily see YOURSELF in that "picture". This eBook sold thousands of copies at $30.00 each. It is now FREE! CLICK HERE to download your copy and learn to sell on eBay.


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