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The Mini-Web Strategy

by Gary Harvey

Mini-sites are profitable. mini-webs are even better!

Mini-site? Mini-web? Mini-net?

Mini-sites are, of course, websites with just a few pages, typically 5 to 10 inter-linked pages, all on the same subject.

mini-webs are similar, except that the pages will be distributed over several different sites. Again, they're all on related subjects...with a similar overall theme. Why? So that linking the different domains all together builds up the link popularity of each site.

Mini-net? Just another name for a mini-web...a miniature network of linked websites.

Mini-Webs, The Affiliate Marketing 'Secret'

Mini-networks of linked websites are no longer just for super affiliates. And now that their big-profit 'secret' is out of the bag, we can all use mini-webs (a.k.a. mininets) to make more money from affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is simply the act of bringing buyers to other people's websites and getting paid a commission on all sales you generate. It's an industry that is already worth more than US$23 billion per year. And growing strongly.

Now, mini-webs (or mini-nets) bring together two of the best strategies for making money online right now—affiliate mini sites and link popularity.

When you create a mini-web, you set up your own network of inter-connected affiliate marketing mini-sites. It sounds simple enough, but there are some rules. At least if you interested in getting good search engine rankings and making good money, there are!

The 'Rules' Of The Mini-Web Game

* Every mini-site should develop a different aspect of the same overall subject. And that subject is, of course, tied right in with the products you're promoting.

* Each site in your mininet (mini-network) should be linked to the other sites. Maybe to all of them, or maybe to the most relevant ones. This pattern of incoming links establishes each site's link popularity. And links from same-subject websites are now ranked higher in the search engines than any other links.

* The way you do the linking also makes a difference. Use text links, where your visitors click on the keywords of the page the link points to.

- What's the best way to go about creating affiliate mini-sites?
- What is the optimum size for each site?
- And how to actually create this inter-connecting so as to get maximum results from your miniature web?

To become an expert on mini-web affiliate marketing, you could buy a lot of e-books and subscribe to several membership sites. You'd certainly get a lot of excellent information (and along with it, a certain amount of repetition and some sub-standard material and outdated tricks).

But if you're more or less a beginner in mini-web affiliate marketing', then this page will provide you with a solid base of sound information to get you started.

Mastering The Mini-Web (Or Mini-Network) Strategy

Here are the most helpful resources that I've found. I'm personally using these and can therefore thoroughly recommend them to you.

1. Joel Peterson has created a superb course on how to create profitable mini-sites. It's crystal clear information, and Joel takes you step by step through actually creating one of his (many!) mini-sites. If you've never built a commercially successful mini-site, do yourself a favour and grab The Mini Site Formula.

2. Another real world expert is Michael Campbell from Vancouver. Michael makes over $200,000 from home using nothing but affiliate programs. No staff. No stock. No order fulfillment. Just bring the traffic to other people's doors and get paid for it.

He's written a comprehensive how-to manual called Clickin' It Rich. In it you'll learn how to build a mininet of inter-connected one-page mini sites to powerfully promote affiliate programs. Any affiliate program you like.

There's even a bonus section called "Top 10 secrets to making the sale". And Michael should know!

This 55-page e-book explains how to select the best affiliate companies. If you're going to promote them, you want to make sure you've picked good companies. Michael explains how to do just well as how to do the linking so as you maximise your profit potential. In fact, you'll learn how to "monetize everything", to use Michael's term.

My rating? (and I've read it from cover to cover, pen in hand, several times). Excellent! Especially the appendix where he lists the exact tools he uses, for whenever you're ready to take the next steps into the higher incomes.

3. Next, each of your mini-sites will need to live somewhere. When it comes to domain hosting, you could go straight for the hosting companies that provide top performance at a top price.

But if you haven't yet established a significant Internet Marketing income flow, you will probably want to find a cheaper web host. Here is the one web hosting service I use and recommend.

4. Another part of the mini-web strategy is the domain names that you're using for each of your sites. Michael and Phil explain the very important principles behind selecting search-engine-attractive names for your websites so I won't cover that. But I will mention that you can save money by getting your domain names for just $8.95 from—why pay more? I don't.

Building Mini-Webs Super-Fast

And now comes an AMAZING piece of software that creates fully optimized, inter-linked websites for you. Quite revolutionary. Click here to see the power of SEO Web Site Builder.

This is not the kind of software that gets your sites banned. And SEOWSB does not create sites that look like a lot of other sites. Infinite variation is possible. Your site can be as unique as you are... with unique content and unique appearance.

Gary Harvey is based in New South Wales, Australia. Happily married with 2 great kids, both adults now. Loving life as a work-from-home kind of guy. He enjoys helping people from his site at


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